Top 5 most anticipated shows for Spring 2013!

These are my top 5 most anticipated shows for Spring 2013.
Before viewing if you haven’t seen next season’s line up yet, here’s the chart: Click!

1. Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Season 2)

The main reason for this being my most anticipated show is because of 2 reasons. 1, I fucking LOVED this show, I have a lot of goods from this show. Stuff like figures, posters, blu-rays, and much more! Another reason is because when they announced season 2 on April 1st of last year I was just over joyed but at the same time I was asking myself “Is this an april fools joke?”. I couldn’t believe it yet I believed it anyways and now, a year later here it is! They’ll probably a lot of “Kirino is the best” posts here but I do like both characters from the show~


2. RDG Red Data Girl

Every since Hanasaku Iroha and many others that followed after that, I’ve been a big fan of P.A. Works. This show was announced pretty much about a year ago and ever since then I’ve been wanting to see it. The first episode pre-air has came out and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Although I didn’t watch the pre-air I can already tell I’ll most definitely like it.


3. Date A Live

Not much to say about this really, the light novels are pretty well received and there’s a lot of hype about this. The more good things I hear about something, the more I want to see it. If it ends up being really good, I’ll definitely hop on the novels. Aside from all that there’s been talks that this will be the most hyped show next season (Similar to what Sword Art Online was like).


4. Photo Kano

I honestly don’t know much about this but It’s probably one of the few shows that actually stand out to me. I might’ve heard maybe 1 or 2 people telling me that this was going to be great but overall I just have the feel that this’ll be pretty good. I hope when it airs it doesn’t back fire on me and turn out to be boring though~


5. Aku no Hana

“A corrupt pure-love story” that just had me sold, LOL.
On a more serious note, I just have this one friend bugging me all the time telling me how this show is going to be the best next season. With him constantly telling me that I just have this show stuck on my head so that might be why I’m kind of eager to see it.


Aside from those 5, I’m also pretty stoked for Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S! 🙂
I might have to re-watch railgun at the very least though as I pretty much forgot a lot. I’ll probably do that during this spring break <3

12 thoughts on “Top 5 most anticipated shows for Spring 2013!

  1. Devil Face

    ike ike kuroneko go, this season anime that’s i’m going to watch first lol >.<

    I think these is good too @.@/

    Oregairu (Yahari Ore no blablabla)
    Hyakka Ryouran
    Zettai Bouei Leviathan
    Shingeki no Kyoujin
    Haiyore Nyaruko

    1. Dao Post author

      Oh man, Haiyore is going to be great! First season was so hilarious was practically dying each episode xD.

  2. Daun

    This spring seems to be quite good i guess. since im expecting this
    – Hentai Ouji to warawanai neko
    – Kakumeiki Valvrave
    – Devil survivor 2 : The animation
    – karneval
    – Shingeki no kyoujin
    – Hataraku no maoh sama
    – Suisei no gargantia

    @@ i wonder if accel world having a season 2….

    1. Dao Post author

      There’s probably enough content in the novels for them to make a season 2 so I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced it green lit soon :P.

  3. MgMaster

    I actually just started watching OreImo recently since I saw it’s getting a 2nd season and the 1st was quite good(and of course due to the fact that a bunch of the good 2-cour shows from fall ended along with the winter ones leaving spring somewhat bleak for me).

    Expectations lowered & all,the biggest reason I started this was when I heard how some characters are similar to Haganai and indeed they were.It blew my expecations and I can’t believe I didn’t watch this when it aired – _ –

  4. Hireyuki

    Have you read Aku no Hana? “A corrupt pure-love story” doesn’t really describe it. It should be more like “They so psycho you wouldn’t guess what happens next story”. But seriously, I got stuck reading it to the latest chapter because of that. It was hard to guess what happens next because the characters were well… insane.

    1. Dao Post author

      Nope! My friend who has read it won’t tell me anything about it but “It’s really good dude, you NEED to try it”. xD

      1. MadaE

        You need to read the manga first. I’m sure you gonna regret watching the anime. It’s really is a pscyho story like Hireyuki said. I drop after the last scene of the first arc at ep. 30 something I couldn’t remember. It will torture your brain to the end. I regret reading it anyway. My brain really has been corrupted.

  5. Mohammed Al Rashedi

    I have a really strict protocol about anime , it started in 2009 and til today I kept using the same protocol for deciding which anime to watch , it goes like this I watch every single anime in the current season then I watch about 3 episodes of each if one of the anime sticks to my memory , I add it to my list , and that’s how I discovered most of the best anime for the last couple of years, although it’s a really time consuming method ,but it does work , and I hope that some of you try it once , because people are different and what I like might not be what you would like.

  6. Kyoushuu

    I would recommend that you read the light novels of Date A Live even if you don’t like the anime much, because many parts are not animated. Though I only read the first volume.


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