Thoughts on Japan’s new Anti-Piracy Act

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Recently Japan announced their new Anti-Piracy act targeted towards illegal Anime/Manga distribution sites. Since then a lot of people are worried about their go-to sites for Anime/Manga being shut down. Personally after talking to a few people who are really knowledgeable in this subject (people who run Anime/Manga sites and have experience with these sort of anti-piracy acts) I’ve came to the conclusion that this is pretty much a complete joke.

Here’s a few related links everyone concerned should actually check out.
tldr; They’re going to spend the next 5 months sending notices to all the sites on their list asking to remove the content.Β 
tldr; Just a bunch of paper work and lists of sites. The lists aren’t the sites that are getting removed, they’re just the top visited sites with Anime/Manga related material from 2012-2013.
tldr; They made a site with a list of random shows and where to buy/pay-to-watch them.
tldr; Their mission statement on why Piracy is bad and affects the industry (pretty much the same excuse used in every Anti-Piracy act).

And lastly we have this joke of a video that some genius came up with thinking it would promote Anti-Piracy and at the same time, give people an impression that Anime/Manga Piracy will end soon. Spoiler: This video is cute.
If the video isn’t showing below then refer to this link –

While there are bound to be sites who will get screwed over because of this, the majority of the sites (especially the big ones) won’t be affected at all. They can’t force their way through the sites that are hosted in regions where they aren’t able to reach/touch. The most they will do is send out notices/requests to take down the content on the site. Companies like CrunchyRoll and Funimation have been sending out DMCA notices for quite a while with no results in their favor. People are panicking and worrying over this when in reality, this is really no different from the Anti-Piracy acts in the past. The results will be similar if not, the same. Over the next 5 months all they’ll do is send out notices to take down the content but in the end they’ll realize how futile it was and everything about this will just die down.

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I believe nothing will change and everyone will just forget this even existed in the upcoming month. Currently everyone is just panicking and spreading false rumors and concerns everywhere while they don’t even know what is exactly going on. While all of this is my personal opinion and I have no proof that nothing will happen, it’s a thought-out prediction based on information I’ve gathered and past Anti-Piracy attempts. If for some god forbid reason this act actually causes huge harm to big sites, please don’t kill me saying I promised nothing would happen, Thanks.

55 thoughts on “Thoughts on Japan’s new Anti-Piracy Act

    1. Dao Post author

      Yup. Think about everything that has happened in the past and how PirateBay is still alive and kicking.

      1. george111cz

        In my opinion comparing Nyaa to a site like PirateBay is not exactly a good way to look at it. After all, Pirate Bay was supposed to be killed a long time ago, they’re just crafty enough to stay operational. Different sites, Isohunt comes to mind as an example, were simply shut down. I don’t really have any detailed information about how Nyaa is run, but i can’t imagine them surviving very long, if they indeed became a target (but the possibility of them becoming a target in the first place isn’t really that big).

        That being said, even if they were shut down, it’s not like that would be the end of it and all anime would be lost forever πŸ™‚ Torrent sites are extremely easy to create (seriously, i could get one up and running in a matter of an hour, then maybe few hours to polish things and done) and there will always be someone who is willing to take the responsibility of creating and maintaining site like that in exchange for a little bit of internet fame…

        So, i wouldn’t worry about it that much or at all, really πŸ™‚

        1. Dao Post author

          You’re sort of on the right track except you’re wrong about a few things. I’m sure if you do a little bit more research you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

          But to answer your question, yes, you don’t know how Nyaa’s run so it’s too early to say whether or not you can compare it to Pirate Bay.

          1. CatVI

            well nyaatorrent just told that the site will be purged in 24 hours.
            the chatbox, the sticky…damn…DAMNIIIIIT!!

          2. Dao Post author

            LOL I hope you know it’s a big joke. Rest assured Nyaa won’t be going anywhere.

  1. Mehool

    The cute video above is not working! Can you please kindly fix that sir.
    Thanks for the hearty consolation…it soothes our hearts!

    Good Day


      1. Cassandra

        Dao yeah somehow it got taken down if it was the Subbed version. I also tried to embed it on my blog for viewers but it wasn’t available on Youtube. Strange.

  2. lx

    It is a little sad that they seem to be forgetting why so many people (westerners) have become anime/manga fans in the first place: fan-subs allowed me to fall in love with anime and manga for free. And I DO buy the anime (and occasionally manga) that I love when they hit bluray/dvd.

    1. AlekSlayer

      Yep, they still haven’t found a solution for the main problem : legal access.
      I can only legally buy one out every 20 shows I like (specially since they deemed importing other region discs as copyright infringement). Seriously, the new anime discs for Q2 of the year in my country were Attack on Titan Vol. 6 and Black Lagoon BD complete series (the DVD’s were available years ago).
      They need to stop complaining and think a way to get more series and faster outside of Japan and, if possible, at a similar cost per usual salaries. Seriously, if the average salary in country X is one third of Japan’s average, you can’t expect them to pay the same price…

      1. omnerabdator

        Dont know why they dont just add eng subtitles to the jap dvd releases (id buy them), the dubbed voices have been going way down in quality for a while now….the last good dub ive seen was my bride is a mermaid, all the rest just feels like they grabbed plp off the street at random..

    2. Cassandra

      But we aren’t exactly in the old days anymore and NOW legal streams for us Westerners are more available. That just sounds like a weak argument.
      The past is the past.

      1. Vince

        True there are legal means to streams show but that’s very limited in itself. Crunchyroll for example has a decent enough library but it’s missing a whole lot of older anime’s that you can’t get legally but are fansubbed. There are lots of subbed anime that are not available legally. Not only are there a limited number of legal anime, most of the time the subs are so bad that it’s not even worth it, Ika Musume is an example on cruncyroll where the subs are horrific. I use to be a member of crunchyroll, but every other anime had bad subs and I ended up relying on fansubs more. They might have changed recently, I don’t know haven’t been there for over a year.

        1. Cassandra

          Yeah I get it. Not sure what country you are from but I Feel for fans of countries where good reliable legal streams aren’t available. Or they just have no anime industry to speak of.

          What I don’t feel sympathy for is fans of countries in North America, Japan, most Europe countries, Australia, and other countries where they at least have some be it small titles available to them online or physically.

          1. AlekSlayer

            Most european countries have it hard also. The number of releases is still about 1/6th when compared to english speaking countries. Some are way better than others (France, Germany, Italy but only for old anime…) but 80% of european countries get less than 15 new (and by new I mean not available to be bought legally in any format, not recent) titles a year…
            Streaming has made the situation better, but it still forces you to have a network connection working while you watch, so it can be a pain in the ass when you are travelling… Or when not all of your possible players are connected to the internet

          2. Vince

            Not really sure where your coming from about feeling sorry for countries who don’t have access to legal anime, completely different topic from the comments you replied to and what I’m replying about.

            You replied to a person, calling it a weak argument, who was defending pirating anime because of limited access, that is including all countries. Than I replied explaining why people pirate anime (again including all countries).

            So not really sure what’s there to feel sorry about from any of those comments, I re-read those comments and none of them are asking to feel sorry for them, one comment explaining why there are a lot of fans in the westerner countries (fan-subs, assuming he’s from a western country), and the other is defending pirating anime.

            So are you for or against this anti-piracy, at first I though you were defending the anti-piracy thing calling it a weak argument about someone pirating anime, but I saw your other comments on the other side, so…..

  3. kouta

    IF they take extreme measures they will only kill the anime/manga industry and reduce the fan base around the world and elemenate all interest in japan as a whole

  4. Blaze Master

    I wouldn’t underestimate theire efforts , theire in much better condition than Funimation that can removed mostly ENGLISH dubbed eps as they don’t own the Japanese versions, they can also sue the individuals administrating the sites no matter where they are located INTERNATIONAL COPY RIGHTS AGREEMENT CAN BE USED TO ENFORCE PROSECUTION so its not really something we should underestimate in fact Im cautioning against that approach we should quickly take action as this might evolve into anothe SOPA also we need to sue Japan for its copy rights laws that censor people’s freedom I thing the way they are now theire unfairly promoting the interest of media companies at the expense of the viewer, the apparent moronism of theire resolutions to the pirate is even more dangerous than it can see PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS ALL YOU WILL BE SORRY REMEMBER THAT WERE FIGHTING WORLD WAR III it looks innocent but its time to act

  5. Blaze Master

    Aparently its a very complex scheme Japan joined the anti Rusian alliance which means attacking everything Russia stood for and not many people know that Russia while beeing a communist country promoted free culture to people the very same idea thats an underlying one for anime fandom thus its no suprise that anime fandom is beeing attacked and we should not ignore this

  6. Ookami

    How did Baka fail to reach that list >.> ?
    On topic, There was a time when America banned alcohol. That did not work out so well, in fact, it made things worse as the illegal means of getting it increased greatly. If “god forbid” the hammer gets dropped on the big websites, we just end up with a bunch of smaller, more risky methods. This compromises internet safety (which we don’t care about). This would also effectively destroy a large portion of the anime community (the illegal one) if the website explodes. Even the internet moves on.

    1. Cassandra

      Pretty sure their titles are mostly non-licensed in North America. North America is the country get the feeling is being targeted on this campaign. Since those titles usually are non-licensed and thus non-localized guess Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry hardly cares so much about those titles getting reached by illegal means.

  7. Kirito

    They just want 500 manga titles and 80 anime titles to be removed..
    Assuming people won’t but if people were going to it would just take 5 months and after that you could just reupload it

  8. Donas

    Those naive dumbfucks can eat shit and die for all I care… I give them a month to find out how powerless they are and drop the towel and go back to fantasize and jerk off to their stupid good for nothing laws!! just saying…

  9. Cassandra

    It is quite hilarious how people are panicking. From Spanish speaking forum sites to all over. It is obviously targeted toward the North American market. This wouldn’t be happening if fans in North America would buy anime at least once in a while instead of wasting their money and time on cosplaying which is far more expensive. Add to the fact that compared to other countries whose fans comment on not having enough legal ways to get anime. The North American market is pretty priviledged in comparison.

    I see your point. I think you may be right but think they just want to make a point. It makes little difference to me since I am a young adult who is already buying anime as much as can when I am able to since let’s face it anime is expensive. While off to the side also buy the occasional figure.

    1. Kirito

      I do buy figures since i live in the netherlands. But i have no legal ways to get my anime/manga aside from paying €200 for a 12 episode long Anime.
      I’m sorry, i’m a huge fan but, i’m not going to pay €200 for a anime that i can complete in 5 hours

      1. LOL

        lol i would never pay more then 10euro for a dvd cause its not worth it.

        Besides that i rather pay for streaming cause in the end its all garbage your collecting. πŸ˜›

  10. Larcx

    Damn , so Nyaa is trolling?
    I really2 freak out when the sticky say
    It is sold to Jap Government
    Silly stupid Me…….

    Sory Bad English~

  11. Arctic

    What can I say … 1st USA then these mofos

    seriously when will they start to understand basic things?
    1) We use these webs cause it’s way for us to get our hands on the goods … I don’t want to wait several months if not years ’till some Einstein releases anime with Eng-subtitles in my country.

    2) Even if they do so it’s so f-ing overpriced I would have to get 2nd job. Dunno about your salary but I’m making 690 Euro/month and with all expenses buying the stuff would pretty much ruin my account πŸ˜‰

  12. rahim

    if they stope anime he will lose his famous and can’t sell to other countries so japan lose money resource and the games and toys too
    USA can’t stop movies and siries and japan stop anime looool

  13. Morridine

    Jee, i hated high school with a passion. And my class mates, although they seemed to kinda like me. You shouldn’t give such a damn about it ending. College is a better high school. Or it could be, cuz for me college was shit also. But I had fun with college students that weren’t my class mates so you know… I really hope you picked up something you like, that’s the only relevant issue. If you study something you like, you will be surrounded by people you will have things in common with.
    And stop being sad for things that could have been but weren’t. You are watching too many anime about hs life. Most people just can’t be good characters xD

  14. LOL

    A easy solution.

    Lets take horrible subs for example, they will sub the anime, you let ppl stream and pay for this, either weekly monthly or per stream what ever.. BUT you will make this cheap. lets say you can watch 2 hour of anime for 1 euro, in my eyes this is a fair price cause if millions of ppl do this you prolly make profit anyway then with the profit you pay the studios who made the anime. problem solved everyone happy πŸ™‚

    And to those who are too cheap, wash a car for 10 euro or dont complain or think about it this way, you work 40 hours a week and then your boss says i wont pay you :p cause no matter how you see it its kinda the same shit :p

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  16. DamnMyDixieWrecked

    They are looking at the amount of people viewing their anime and not receiving compensation. All the crunching of numbers(all rounded up I’m sure). In there eyes, they are losing millions of yen to all the free loaders (myself included) If they really wanted to reap from the U.S. anime fan base, then this is what they need to do. Just like any Television program shown to the general public. Aren’t these shows broadcasted free in Japan? Are they only able to view them on PPV channels? Japan here’s how we all can get what we want. !. Quality subs. 2. Sponsors, as in commercials (if adult swim can get them so can Japan). 3. take advantage of good sub sites. their doing the work for you for free. Work together with them. The anime companies should have their names (subbers) in the credits, not fighting them. 4. If you can’t get air time do what every other company does and purchase your own channel. The little bit of money spent from the revenue received will come back in sells of DVD/BD. (tariffs/taxes)Since it’s the government spear heading this act, why don’t they do what they have always done. take control of the said problems of the companies involved , and turn it into a profit. Who wouldn’t for a few dollars more on your cable bill add a all” Japan Anime Subbed Channel”? Rant is over, I feel better. Now everyone can bash this post, (>_<)_.l..


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