There’s just too many shows this season…


With over 55 shows airing this season, for the first time in almost 3-4 years, I just can’t keep up with the current season. I’m legitimately a good 4 days behind in all the releases and it’s so painful T___T. It’s like I want to watch it all but I just don’t have the time to especially with Aura Kingdom going into open beta and me being in one of the top guilds of the server. That being said, these first impression reviews are coming in almost impossible for me to write on time therefore I am going to stop for this season. I feel that writing a first impression an entire week after the episode has actually aired is pretty pointless.


I definitely do plan on writing more stuff starting this season though (hopefully), I have a lot of things to rage about nowadays regarding certain shows so it’ll make for good rants, I promise! For now… I need to figure out how to pass this semester first… Out of every single class I’m taking the one i’m busting my ass trying to pass is ironically an elective, Photography. It’s not even a hard class, 99% of the work is on photoshop which I’m pretty good with and can do all the projects and assignments handed to me but the problem is photos. I have no time or motivation to go out and take pictures despite purchasing a DSLR a few months ago. First world problems T____T.

On a side note… my figures have been stacking up the past 2 months, I didn’t realize how many pvcs I had reserved for these past 2 months and now I have 10 boxes that are unopened just sitting in my room. The reason being is that I currently don’t have any shelf space to display these figures in therefore I don’t want to open them. I’m moving within the next 2 months and I’ll be getting a bigger room with new furniture (glass display shelves for the most part www) to showcase all my figs so when the time comes I’ll start pumping out posts of the figures I have. It’ll be good shots too now that I have a DSLR! 🙂

For future posts I’ll definitely be putting up another top 5 OP/ED soon, there’s been good ones in this season so it’ll be hard for me to choose… Thinking of also putting up a mid season review talking about all the shows I’ve stuck through for the past 6 weeks and shows that I dropped during those 6 weeks. Until then, o/

7 thoughts on “There’s just too many shows this season…

  1. MC

    I know that feel bro. I have like a huge project that needs to be finished tomorrow so I was very busy this week and had no time to watch anime. Wednesday the exams are starring until the 23th, so that means no anime for 3 weeks. And if it’s true that there are 55 series airing this season then I have to watch about 150 episode in one weekend -.-” I hate school …

  2. Bluenoser

    I’m sorry to hear this, I have found your first impression posts a useful weeding tool to decide on what might work for me, especially in the slice of life genre which is not one I tend to gravitate to easily. Life is what it is though, and you have to take it as it is, not how you would like it to be, and you clearly have a lot of other serious things on your plate, so I wish you luck with them, and if you write some even a week or three after the first ep airs I’ll still read them. After all, one can always decide to join an anime mid-stream if one is given reason to…LOL.

    Good luck, be well, and thanks for all you do here and at Animetake!

  3. simonsayzhigh

    Glad that I’m not the only one feeling this way, I usually try out the first 2-3 episodes of each anime, but there’s just too much this season. Well, if there’s any anime that’s especially good this season that I skipped, I’ll probably hear about it from you.

  4. oliolio

    same! so i select my anime! and my figures are stacked in boxed too while i wait to get a glass cabinet. probably the ikea 1 since its the cheapest and looks not bad too i guess.

  5. ggregz

    At least you’re keeping up a bit. I haven’t been keeping a steady schedule of anime watching because of college and other hobbies, and now I have backlog starting from the Fall 2013.


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