The Aldnoah Theory (Aldnoah.Zero 2 predictions)

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WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for the entirety of the show. If you haven’t finished the series and don’t want to spoil yourself don’t read this until you’ve finished!

Gen Urobuchi is a son of a bitch who likes to screw with people but in the case of Aldnoah Zero, it seems like the horrific ending wasn’t intended… according to him at least.
In an interview he stated that “Aldnoah.Zero’s ending isn’t my fault. In the original script Inaho and the Princess is supposed to fall in love and the season ends with Slaine kidnapping the princess”.

Now, if this ending for season 1 REALLY wasn’t intended then why did it come out like this? There’s a very high chance that this was done deliberately to build more “hype” for season 2 and cause more anticipation for season 2 (good marketing technique bruh). If the original script didn’t call for the princess to be dead then chances are the princess is NOT dead.

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Everyone thought through-out the entire show that Inaho and the Princess were definitely the main characters of the series….so why the fuck did both of them get slaine shot by Slaine?

Although they didn’t exactly specify the exact powers besides the ability to pilot those special mechas, there may be a possibility that those with direct relation to the Aldnoah power can possess immortality and other powers that weren’t explained.

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If we go back to the beginning when the princess was assassinated, they cover it by saying that the princess was sick and that a “body double” was going in her place.
Does that not seem weird to anyone? Not only was this “body double” not introduced, talked about, or even revealed, the princess randomly shows up in the middle of town after all the ruckus WITHOUT anyone except her servant. Why isn’t any of the officials with her? If the officials knew that the princess was sick why didn’t they send anyone to guard her while her “body double” went out to the public? Besides, the body double sure looked super fucking similar to the princess itself…

My theory goes that the person inside the destroyed vehicle was indeed the princess. She was hit with the missile but because she’s immortal, she didn’t die and escaped the whole scene while everyone was panicking and running around. Her father (the one who passed down the Aldnoah powers), being the original holder of the power knew about the immortality that comes with the Aldnoah power and used her as a catalyst for war.

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In season 2 the princess will definitely be alive. Even if my reasoning above isn’t the correct reason, there will be something that makes the princess stay alive. The foreshadowing at the end scene where they state “The princess is still no where to be found” can indicate that she makes a come back appearance and at the same time can confirm Inaho’s death (Probably found his dead body and not the Princesses otherwise they wouldn’t say her whereabouts are still unknown). As for Inaho, while I’m pretty fucking sure he was shot in the head they can easily pull some bull shit to make him come back alive otherwise Slaine will probably be the main character for season 2. Seeing that his father was a researcher of the Aldnoah there’s a huge possibility some things can come up regarding that matter that makes Slaine crucial to the story.

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Fuck you, Slaine.

– The princess is alive because she’s fucking immortal
– Her father knows about the power of the Aldnoah and knows she’s alive but is using her to start a war
– Inaho is probably dead but if he does make a come back somehow. Maybe the princess uses her powers to save him (Magical healing touch?) or for some reason the shot at the end wasn’t a head shot (Eye patch Inaho?).
– Slaine will probably be the main character of season 2 being crucial to the story because of his dad
– Season 2 can potentially be a pile of shit but everyone will still watch it
– Fuck Gen Urobuchi, if Psycho Pass 2 is bad he’s getting blamed regardless…

Edit: Thanks to Swaps4 I found this image which shows that in Episode 12 from 21:55-22:00ish a small red light flys up in the sky.
> Slaine kidnapping the princess, IT ALL MAKES SENSE.


Remember, this is all a theory/prediction I came up with after looking through past episodes and talking with a few of my friends about it. I could be completely wrong or surprisingly right, who knows?

18 thoughts on “The Aldnoah Theory (Aldnoah.Zero 2 predictions)

      1. Dao Post author

        She didn’t die. The CPR done could’ve been there just to cover up the fact that she’s immortal. The Aldnoah powers shutting down doesn’t correlate to death but the conscious of the individual I believe.

          1. Dao Post author

            Pretty sure sleeping and losing conscious is different.
            Thing of it as a lag time between dying and reviving?
            This is just a theory ofc.

        1. Noah

          Her heart stopped and needed to be resurrected by CPR and heart message. Her father died during Heaven’s Fall, her mother died after childbirth, her grandfather is sick and on his death bed.

  1. Staticz

    Wow your theory makes a lot of sense and i could really see it happening, If Slaine is going to be the main character then everybody will most likely hate him (Again).

  2. Noah

    If Aldnoah gave anyone immortality, then the princess’ father wouldn’t have died and her grandfather (that’s not her father) wouldn’t be dying (he’s terminally ill) or suspected she fucking died. They would be alive through asspulls.

    Slaine got administration rights thanks to his father, Doctor Troyard who was an Aldnoah researcher (the only own the show introduced after the princess’ grandfather, who also got those rights) for sure. The Count wasn’t surprised by his abilities.

    Taking away a corpse or someone dying to be buried/get medical help isn’t “kidnapping.” Slaine was the first main character they made and the director’s favorite. Both the director and the producer are also fond of Rayet who has been set up as Slaine’s female foil and her changed changed to increase her importance.

  3. Blackrave

    Don’t get it why you guys hate Slaine. Only want to protect his princess, Inaho is the one being weird declared him as enemy at episode 6. Fuck Inaho

  4. Farik

    Slaine should not be the main character as he is a dumb ass. Saazulbum or whatever told him point blank that he arranged the assassination attempt and that he was still going after the princess, and guess what he saves the count from Inaho. Surprise then the count shoots the princess, and slaine has got that shocked look on his face that the count shot the princess, Hey DUMB ASS he said he was going to kill her. So whats he do blame Inaho who has been protecting her repeatedly and successfully until he showed up. Fuck Slaine, Peter from family guy would have been more helpful.

    What has slaine accomplished getting the good guys shot, personally I think a fitting end for slaine would be he is about to kill Inaho and the princess shoots him right in the face. Thats for getting us shot dumb ass.


    1. Josh

      Holy shit i agree with all of this, fuck slain dude he seriously ruined everything if there deaths are confirmed in season 2. He doesn’t think before his actions, as for Inaho not originally trustin him in ep 6, who would blame him for that, the dude showed him randomly asking if the princess was alive when all martians other than her and the maid were trying to kill her up until that point. He didnt flat out say i want to save the princess either. So if it was me i probably wouldnt have trusted him in that situation either.

      1. Farik

        I agree with that. I also felt that or rather identify him and his attachment to the princess as an obsessive attraction. He is like a ugly puppy no one wants and someone takes pity on it and it becomes obsessive over that person and attack people who come near. Also i felt that the show was trying to make you feel sorry for and make him a tragic underdog. But that was just stupid as there is a war going on hundreds to thousands of people are dying every second, so why should he garner anything special especially when its his own stupidity that got him in that situation. The word tool comes to mind when I see him. He is like a despicable and unlikable gilligan from Gilligan’s Island. In fact everything in the story still would have progressed normally(except for the end where Inaho and princess get shot.) Okisuke’s death which spurred Inaho would have happened, Inaho would have defeated Trilliam, Trilliam would have died, they princess would have been picked up, Inaho would have defeated samurai mech guy, Inaho would have won against multiarm mech girl, they would have gotten the flying battleship, Count cruthio would still have been killed by saazablum because cruthio was supicious and digging, etc. So where does slaine provide any importance to the development of the plot until the end where he screws everything up.

        Slaine has won the most useless and idiotic protagonist award in history.

        1. Josh

          Wow i didnt even notice in everyone of those situations Slaine didnt really provide much support at all and Inaho could have handled it pretty much regardless. I just dont get Slaines character at all, at one point he pretty much considers the princess the most important person in his world because she saved him…..and then he’s sitting infront of a guy who is telling him hey “Im going to kill that bitch, also here’s your freedom do whatever you want”…..and Slaine who I can’t seem to understand up to this point gets confused on what to do? How? Why? What about your personality makes that situation confusing to you.

          1. Farik

            He has no real will of his own , he was attached to the princess because she saved him as you said but it is clear he did not know her that well. Because he instantly assumed Inaho and his comrades were using her to gain an advantage. She obviously wasn’t being used she wanted to stop the war and to stop it she knew she would have to put herself in danger to do it. As she was a selfless character she was doing it of her own free will and was not being manipulated. If she wasn’t with Inaho she would have be dead. So I say again Slaine didn’t know her well he was just a worthless pitiful puppy that developed a obsessive attraction were she was more of a object or symbol. I bet if she had any suitors prior to the series they all met with an unfortunate accident complements of shitting psycho slaine. If slaine was the main character the story would really fast as he would kidnap the princess and hide in a hole until the world blew up.

            Oh a to poke a hole in that he is important because his father was a researcher on Aldnoah, Saazablum was said he was his friend. I bet that Saazablum had plenty of notes and information in his landing castle that Inaho and his group would have found after the battle. And the princess was already enamored of earth before slaine and wanted peace, so the boat that slaine was important to the story is sunk or rather nuked to hell.

            Oh and on another note which they messed up on which is not limited to this show, but Slaine suddenly being able to masterfully control that mech was so corny. I mean it is obviously he isn’t some super genius like Kira from gundam seed, or like the one’s from Majestic prince were the mecha were created from the pilots DNA, or have had training like Inaho.

            If they make Slaine the main protagonist with Inaho dead there will be ice skating in hell before i buy it when it comes to dvd. (Unless slaine serves as psychotic nut job who Inaho has to kill and does get to.)

            By the way on Inaho’s voice actor was list in the cast sheet for season two as a main character! And I not sure if it means anything but he is list above slaine, at least in america films either the bigger actor or main main character is the first listed.

  5. Duuuuuude

    I think the answer is far simpler than everyone thinks:

    Bullshit Storm Trooper Aim.

    First bullet goes through her chest but misses her heart and the entry wound is clear as day.
    The second bullet is ambiguous max. Go frame by frame and at no point is there a clear entry wound in her head. Most likely the bullet just grazed her cheek or at worst took out an eye. Also, think about it, why would they waste precious frames animating a helmet cushion deploying for a dead person? Plain and simple; she didn’t die.

    And Inaho? Same shit. You see side splatter but no entry wound. Slaine was shooting point blank this time, so either he didn’t reeeeeally want to kill Inaho, or he gets the Platinum Medal for Storm Trooper Marksmanship.

  6. slayer72259

    Dear whoever wrote this. I have some serious thoughts and feelings in these theory’s. First off, how do you explain the scene when the princess’ father, WHO AS SICK IN BED AND ABOUT TO DIE. my second question/criticism, have you forgot about the power that the martians in general have enough tech to create holographic impersonations of people or things. from a simple fan.


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