Summer 2014 Expectations


I hate summer, I really do. I absolutely despise the heat and I just can’t stand being sweaty. But one thing I do love about Summer is that there’s new shows to watch!

To begin the season off, we have Akame ga Kill! which is by far the most hyped show of Summer. All the manga fans are going crazy and hyping this show up more than it needs to be hyped up which is probably why I’m expecting this to be REALLY good. I personally haven’t read the manga but from the looks of it, it sounds very promising.

Ever since True Tears I just came to love almost everything P.A. Works had to offer. From Angel Beats to Hanasaku Iroha and the most recent, Nagi no Asukara, I loved all of them. The only disappointment was Red Data Girl but nonetheless I’ll still be looking forward to this. I’m hoping Glasslip will bring a lot more glory to P.A. Works!

Tokyo Ghoul just gives off so much vibes of Another that I just can’t help but feel like this show WILL be good. I absolutely love psychological shows and I’m hoping this’ll be something I’ll come to enjoy.

I really have no real reason for expecting Tokyo ESP to be good.
Everything about it just looks good, appealing, and interesting to me.

Time for all the sequels, continuations, and etc!

To begin the sequels, we have Sword Art Online II! Just about everyone’s most hated show, or so they say. I don’t get the huge amount of hate that this show gets. As a novel reader I definitely agree that season 1’s anime was definitely not up to par with the novels but it definitely wasn’t “terrible” like everyone is labeling it. In my personal opinion, I feel a lot of people are just jumping on the SAO hate bandwagon. I’m just about 99% sure that the majority of the SAO “haters” will watch this and enjoy it like a lot of us.

While I look forward to watching it, I don’t expect it to be amazing. I just love seeing the things I read on text become animations. To everyone else who loves SAO: don’t expect too much Asuna but do expect an idiot bringing a sword to a gun fight!

I fucking loved Prisma Illya and I will probably enjoy the second season as well. Seems like there’s going to be a lot of new characters too!

More Monogatari series? Fucking yes.

18 thoughts on “Summer 2014 Expectations

  1. AlekSlayer

    As usual, I share basically everything you write about your next season expectations.
    I’d probably also watch Gekkan shoujo Nozaki-kun (another short format based comedy, the manga is really funny), Rokujoma no Shinryakusha (Silver Link comedy? Count me in) and Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance (read a bit of the manga and up to there, it was worth my time) and maybe Sabagebu as a slice of life. I’d probably also give a try Himegoto fort the short ones, but seeing the production values I’m not expecting anything good, even when I like the manga(s) quite a bit…

  2. Sam

    Terror in tokyo bro? That shit is gonna be good. Being a noitamina and a massive psycho pass fan, i gotta watch the new edited version too, dont care if most of it is recap
    Also, what about good things like Ao Haru Ride, Barakamon, Nozaki kun, Aldnoah Zero, and since i’m a fan of BL too Dramatical Murder, Love Stage and Free season 2 :3
    Rail wars, argevollen and shonen hollywood also show potential

  3. elior

    @dao i recommend to you to watch the new sailor moon it going to be great and you will enjoy it very much

  4. Cassandra H.

    I don’t understand the SAO Fairy Dance anime Arc hate. It was as good as the first half.
    This mystery hate bandwagon really is such an annoyance but whatever. Still going to enjoy seeing more SAO 2 even though hoping for at least a cameo appearance of Asuna.

    Glad not the only one that has somewhat of a gut feeling Tokyo ESP is going to be a very interesting anime series this summer.

    1. ares

      The incest b-story. The almost tentacle rape scene. The complete lack of choreography for any of the later fight scenes instead opting for turn based shounen-esque fights. And the complete removal of a concequence to death making the whole setpiece boring.

    1. Cassandra H.

      Yeah. But that is just the snobby anime critics and or follower of SAO.
      What incest? Kirito himself found it weird and never gave his sister any heads on the fact that he thought it was okay. I also hated that part but I could see it was a necessary characterization of Kirito’s sister/cousin.

      Yeah the rape scene. I cringed on that but that was all the antagonistic characters. It served to show things were serious. It sounds like some fans or is it you? Wanted certain things to happen in SAO’s Fairy Dance.

      Just because you don’t like how something turns out in anime doesn’t mean it’s terrible. Also you can’t expect in anime things will turn out the way you want it.

      1. blazk

        usually those haters who join the hate bandwagon were just because many people love SAO and it become popular. Just ignore them.
        But I can understand to a certain extent why people hate the 2nd arc. I certainly didnt hate the 2nd arc but I certainly didnt like it either. When I first watch SAO there some magical attraction that pulled me to watch the show. The magic is the combination of beautiful animation, narration and script that grasp the emotion, thoughtful plot, and beatiful backstory with feeling. I especially like the first few episodes which shows the adventure before the current time in the SAO. I even cry to the sad episode. Thats just how strong it pulled me into the fantasy world potrayed.
        After the SAO (the first) arc, the magic is not there anymore. To me, it feels like a different generic anime. I still watch and enjoy it, but not as much as when I first watch the show. I just hope they can recreate those magic back.

        1. Cassandra H.

          blazk. Yeah. I had a pretty good idea that most of the fans of the original source material of SAO were probably the haters.

          I didn’t hate the 2nd Arc at all either. I just thought it was very strong and intense stuff. I think I feel the same way as you when it comes to the 2nd Arc. I didn’t dislike it but was truly just neutral on it.

          Overall the series even from the start for me was great but not phenomenal that includes the 1st and 2nd Arc. It did have a combination of really nice animation, good plot, and there were some nice scenes. I guess your right, Popularity can get out of control especially in regards to SAO.

    1. Dao Post author

      A tad bit busy this summer… I’ll do a post regarding first impressions but it’ll probably be a bundle post :/


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