Spring 2014 Expectations


Spring season shows look really dull. Like REALLY dull. There isn’t a lot I’m expecting out of this season but I guess I could name a few that I’m sort of looking forward to. 

To begin, we have Mekakucity Actors aka “Kagerou Project”
This series is based off of the “Kagerou Project” franchise which is a bunch of music videos that tell stories about the lives of different characters. There are manga and novel adaptations for these music videos. I’m not a huge fan of this franchise but I have watched a few of the music videos and found them to be quite good. A very good and close friend of mine introduced me to this franchise and believe me when I say this but he is obsessed with the characters. I guess with SHAFT working on this show I have a certain standard set for this show and hopefully I don’t get disappointed by it.

Next up, Black Bullet.
I’ve heard a lot about the novels and it’s nothing but good things about it. I haven’t read the novels myself but reading reviews about it on different forums and boards about it gives me very high expectations for this show.

Selector Infected WIXOSS

>Virtual reality

Count me in.

Sadon Desu (Sudden Death)

The puns are too real. Count me in as a Slice of Life Comedy lover.

No Game No Life

Just about the only thing that looked and sounded appealing. Then again, ever since the introduction of SAO and Accel World I’ve been a sucker for series related to virtual worlds and games.

Now for some of the sequels.

Love Live 2

Winter Season’s idol show (Wake up girls) sucked big time. Love Live will surely make up for it 😀

Fairy Tail 2014

Still following the manga so the anime is pretty much a must watch for me. They literally stopped the first season during the middle of an arc, I laugh so hard.

Date a Live II

More Tohka? Yes please.

Well, that’s about it. Hopefully a lot of the other shows can some how amaze me, though I highly doubt it.
On the bright side, Nisekoi is 2 cour so it’ll still be airing through-out spring! 😀

16 thoughts on “Spring 2014 Expectations

  1. john

    Come on, I think the spring season is going to be way better than the current one.

    There are other promising animes such as second season of Mushishi (great anime), second season of Jojo, remake of Break Blade; baby steps and ping pong on the sports anime front (I actually think Ping pong’s character design is an attractive) and a few others that may or may not be good.

    1. Dao Post author

      I actually enjoyed a lot of the shows from Winter season, maybe that’s one of the reasons why I feel Spring season may be lacking.

      Unforunately I never got the chance to get into Jojo but I did hear that it’s a REALLY good series, I’ll have to pick up the first season before I judge it. As for Mushishi It’s been a while since the first season, I’m going to have to re-visit it before I start on it.

      Sequels aside, I don’t feel a lot of the other series are as “attractive” so to speak than the shows from Winter Season. The 3 shows you listed don’t spark any interest in me but of course that doesn’t mean I won’t watch it. I’ll probably give everything a try like I usually decide and then see for myself if any of the shows are worth mentioning then.

  2. Drizet

    Fairy Tail is back ^^
    godamn i miss the hype that this shows gives every time, maybe a little too childish and predictable but who the fck cares 😛

  3. AlekSlayer

    I’d watch exactly the same ones you mentioned, plus Mahouka (I’m a big fan of the novels, and I have no doubts about Madhouse making an action show, it probably won’t be the best adaptation every, but I’m sure it will be a fun ride), Mangaka & Assistant (light ecchi comedy, at least I find it really funny) plus probably giving a chance to Kanojo Flag & Nanana.
    Oh, and NGNL is pure adaptation material. The author of the original LNs was a mangaka that used to do manga adaptations from animes (Gosick, for example) and wrote the first novel during a time he was in the hospital and the doctors did not allow him to draw (think of a Bakuman-like situation), then he himself started adapting his own LNs into manga. They should be a perfect match with the anime… And given how fun the originals are, it’s probably the show I’d expect the most of this season, even if the ones I’m dying to watch are FT and Mahouka… I think this season’s most interesting studio is probably Madhouse…

  4. simonsayzhigh

    Really dull? But I was so hyped when i saw knights of sidonia, mushishi, and jojo. I was looking more forward to this season than the season before, that’s for sure.

  5. RedUnit10

    But but but, Dao, I want to read more first impressions then just these! I trust your first impressions, what will I ever do now? Read the AT forum comments? *puppy eyes*

    1. Dao Post author

      I’ll be writing them up as soon as I get to watching the shows, too much new shows in 1 day, can’t make time for all of them at once. Glad you like my first impressions though, trying my best to improve them season by season.

  6. Nurqalisha

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