Winter 2013/14

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Winter 2013-14 Anime Chart

2 thoughts on “Winter 2013/14

  1. LolzxD03

    So many lame titles. And what’s about all dis magical/card game animes? I’ve nothing against card games (except that most of them are dumbass kids playing lame games) nor against the magical titles (though I don’t like most – leave Index out of it), but why so many in this season?
    Well, I got a little interested in these titles:
    Nisekoi (I start read the manga just other day. Good for pastime)
    Z/X IGNITION (the only card game anime in this season I will give a chance)
    Noragami (maybe? Seems a little silly…)
    Seitokai Yakuindomo 2 (finally!)
    Nobunaga the Fool (or it will be a master piece or it will be freakin’ lame)
    Shingeki no Kyojin: Ilse no Techou (already realeased – still must watch)
    Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission (what is this? Whatever. It’s HtrxHtr so it’s probably cool)
    The next ones I might try watch:
    Blood Lad
    Neppuu Kairiku Bushi Road
    Sekai Seifuku
    Wizard Barristers

    Sword Art Online? But it ended at the 14th episode… (don’t destroy my fantasy)
    I’m starting to migrate to visual novels. They have a better scenario for the plot.
    Thanks for the post Dao! I’ve completely forgot ’bout the new season (to think that 2 years ago I would be searching like crazy for news about my next animes… whatever).


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