Summer 2014

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Summer 2014 Anime Chart

5 thoughts on “Summer 2014

  1. Larcx

    So what title is good?

    I think I’ll go for all Original
    And give 3 EP Rule

    Any suggestion?

    Sry Bad Engrish~

  2. Zitback

    Dao, can you give me some suggestion for hardcore horror. it’s really hard to find good horror these days. only yami shibai met my expectations. so pleaaaase :3 ;3 :3

    1. Dao Post author

      I wouldn’t call Yami Shibai a “hardcore horror” lol. Honestly, the only animes I’ve seen related to “horror” would be something like Elfen lied or Deadman wonderland. Idk, there really isn’t any “hardcore horror” in anime =^=

      1. Zitback

        desuyo?! we need really hardcore horror like franken fran in anime :3 not that anybody gonna watch it though…..
        well, yami shibai is pretty creepy cause it’s not in gore horror but more to supernatural horror
        and ghost and myth give me the goosebumps …..
        but i liek blood 😀 😀


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