Fall 2013

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All charts are taken from Neregate, go check them out!

Fall 2013 Anime Chart

8 thoughts on “Fall 2013

  1. Lodda

    TT looks like not many too watch at fall, I was expecting second season of last year fall..
    like sakurasou, SAO, chuunibyou or oreshura maybe
    btw. thx for the chart !

  2. ongaku no suki

    IS s2
    Magi s2
    Kuroko s2
    Magi s2
    valvrave s2
    strike the blood
    toaru hikuushi e no kuita

    definitely watching these next season
    as for the others… will be looking to your first impressions Dao! =D

  3. AlekSlayer

    Not taking into account sequels of thing I watched and liked, my real interests are Unbreakable Machine Doll (liked the novels a lot) and much less Blazblue (because I’m not expecting anything good from it)
    I’ll give a chance to Nagi No Asukara (’cause PA Works usually makes strange but interesting series), Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Nariatai (for the ridiculos setting, could be either masterpiece or total crap) and Kill La Kill and Golden Time because I’ve been hearing a lot of good things form them (even if I could find the first GT novel interesting enough to finish it, maybe the format change could do some good). Probably trying Non Non Biyori (I like Silver Link comedies a lot), the new TrollAni show and some random Harem/RomCom if I find time for them or there are days when there’s basically nothing else to watch…
    Anything you’ve already decided on, Dao?

    1. Dao Post author

      I’m most likely going to watch almost every just to give it a try. I’ll usually watch at least 2 episodes before dropping a show.

      As for must watches, definitely the sequels to stuff I’ve seen and loved before such as,
      – IS 2
      – Freezing 2
      – Magi 2
      – Kuroko no Basket 2
      – Little Busters Refrain


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