Sakurasou is so good yet so nerve wrecking to watch.

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I love and enjoy this anime A LOT, I really do. But after 20 weeks of this show, I have recently been getting more and more frustrated after each episode. It’s not because it’s getting bad but because it has gotten way past the level it originally started in. Believe me when I say this but I personally think there IS no good ending for this show as of how things are being shown. Now, I haven’t read the novels yet (I would love to and probably will in the near/distant future) but I have heard that there will be a conclusion to the story and of course to who Sorata will choose.

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Out of the 2 heroines you can possibly choose from, (well technically you can choose 2-3 more but I say 2 since they’re technically protagonist’s 2 only choices…) I like Aoyama better than Mashiro for many reasons. The main reason would be because I HATE characters that are natural air heads and make the protagonist feel bad/help them constantly. In Mashiro’s case, every time she can’t put her own clothes on or do anything for herself and forces Sorata to help her it just aggravates me to watch. On top of that, I tend to like tsunderes more than anything so yeah… 🙂

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To begin, the start of this anime definitely gave me the wrong impression of how this was going to end up. I thought this was going to be another one of those generic romance series where the protagonist lives with all these girls and the show is just all jokes and giggles but that’s not how it ended up at all. Towards the beginning, the show was mainly focused on their daily lives and portrayed a huge comedy side of the series. As the series progressed things got more serious including the relationship between Sorata and the 2 heroines. From what I thought was going to be a comedy slice of life romance show, turned into a serious romance show with a tint of comedy in some parts. I’m not saying this is a bad thing but it was just totally unexpected from me especially when I had no prior knowledge about Sakurasou.

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As the story progressed more and more, I started to realize that something serious was going to happen, the story moved really fast from the point where he just moved in Sakurasou to where he is already working towards his career as a game maker.

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It’s really hard to guess who the protagonist is going to end up with as well. 20 weeks into this show I still can’t determine who’s going to win/get chosen. One thing for sure is, I’m definitely taking Aoyama’s side since she shows more character and is actually TRYING her best to convey her feelings for him meanwhile Mashiro is just being her clueless self and trying to act cute to pull her prey towards her. With the anime 4 episodes away from being over, I don’t think there will be a conclusion to the relationship part, it’s just really hard to see anything happening and considering the fact that there are 8 volumes for the novel and the winner is just about to be deicded, it’s hard to see the anime pulling off an ending where Sorata will choose someone. Season 2 is definitely needed to conclude anything especially the story itself.

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The story itself is focused a lot on each of the characters careers and how they want to pursue them. How they deal with their relationships, and how they deal with change in their lives such as moving away and leaving somebody. It’s just so aggravating to see the events that occurs in episodes 16-20. Everything is just a huge mess it’s a literal train wreck. The fact that Aoyama failed and has to move back with her parents just threw me off completely. Also hate to see how shes trying so hard to put on a happy side, like just fucking cry already.. ._.

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Anyways, to conclude this rant, the main character is a gigantic pussy. He always thinks that he should be the hero and help everyone while not giving a crap about himself and he’s also indecisive as fuck. He can’t get anything done correctly and always does stupid stuff.

TLDR; Sakurasou is srsbussiness and Kanda Sorata is a major pussy.

13 thoughts on “Sakurasou is so good yet so nerve wrecking to watch.

  1. Aker

    I agree! Why can’t the childhood friend win for once!

    I really dislike characters that has everything forced feed to them. Mashiro is like getting EVERYTHING and all the attention! You and I are on the same length on this reviewer.

    Poor Nanami shes just suffering in silence Q_Q

  2. harry

    Yeah I am hoping Aoyama wins in the end, specially after what happened this weeks episode. The story is a bit odd in the way that on one side we have Sorata and it’s about him succeeding after he fails, and throws a wobly, So the message is good things come to those who don’t give up, yet on the other end we have Aoyama who has given up more than anyone else to achieve her dream, yet she seems to fail yet doesn’t throw a fit, so the message is that bad thing will still happen to you even if you don’t give up?.

    Aoyama deserves a happy ending, but I get the feeling the Auther always planned for Mashiro and Sorata, no matter how much Aoyama is better suited….Does anyone know if the current episodes are filler or Canon from the LN? I’m asking because quite a few times the last few episodes are usually filler so the anime can be tied up nicely just incase a second season is not green lit.

    1. Dao Post author

      If I remember correctly it shouldn’t be running on fillers. Also I’ve heard that in the novels right now it’s still pretty close with no definitely winner. I too get the same feeling you get, I feel like the author plans to make Mashiro win but hey, there’s always a possibility if it hasn’t been decided yet. 🙂

  3. Punyaan

    Well the way I see the story can go in many ways, thought I think its tipping into Mashiro’s favour. I have only seen the anime just to be clear, but I think the story can be like:
    1.Mashiro wins, Sakurasou is okay!

    2.Nanami wins, Sakurasou is okay!

    3.He doesn’t get either of them and they both leave him (Nanami back to Osaka, Mashiro back to being an artist in another country to save Sakurasou), since the main character is so indecisive.

    4.Its a harem and a happy ending! Spoken like a true man. (Personally I think its this one[lol])

    5?Is an extension of number 3 but only Kanda Sorata is actually gay and prefers Ryuunosuke(Secret ending with just the two of them at Sakurasou[Ignoring Chihiro]? This one is just for jokes).

  4. Marc

    Mashiro is likely going to win, sadly. It hurts seeing all this Aoyama development yet she probably isn’t going to come out on top. She would make such a good girlfriend Q_Q

  5. Aoyama Fanboy

    I am also on the Aoyama side (hence, the name) of the story, but I’m giving Mashiro some justice here. Take note that Sorata’s character development is due to Mashino’s personality. Additionally, I don’t think Sorata’s indecisiveness makes him a pussy, because one, that IS his characteristic, and second, if he’s indecisive, then both Mashiro and Nanami are indecisive as well.

    Even if I prefer Nanami over Mashiro, I still feel that Sorata needs Mashiro better than Nanami. She does need him, after all, and Sorata complies.

    1. Dao Post author

      The Mashiro duty is stronk.

      The ending was kind of how I expected it, the fact that they didn’t really do anything at least made me content.


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