PSA: AnimeTake is shutting down

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For the people who don’t bother to read long walls of text, here’s a tldr; Yes, AnimeTake is shutting down with a slim chance of returning. For your future needs of anime you can use HorribleSubs.Info which is what 95% of the posts on AnimeTake contained anyways. I post DDLs there and the torrents are automated. There’s also a disqus chat there but just be warned that it’s a bit toxic over there and there aren’t really any set rules so don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

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For starters, let me start by clearing up some misconceptions that a lot of people still don’t seem to know. I am NOT the owner of AnimeTake nor did I ever have any direct management over the server, domain, and all the important stuff. Needlessly to say when I use “owner” I am NOT referring to myself but someone else which also brings up the fact that I can’t do anything about this. With that being said, let’s go back in time and visit my history with AnimeTake.

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I joined the site as an official member of the forums in mid 2009 and posted frequently. At the time, the forums was packed with active members and there was many active threads going on and overall, the site was probably in it’s prime. Over the years the forum declined and as of 2013 the activity on the forums was no where close to what it used to be and I sort of slowly got away from the forums after a few mishaps that happened between me and the staff. Anyways, I digress because that really has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

I was promoted to a Moderator on the forums around 2010 and later that year I became good friends with Commander’A, who was the current active poster for AnimeTake at the time. Sometime around early 2011 Commander’A asked me if I wanted to post for AnimeTake. I took up the offer and eventually became the main poster up until now. I posted for a good 4 years with over 10k posts (if my memory serves me right). In those 4 years, all communication with the owner(s) was done through email, irc, or other chat services. I don’t know any of the owners personally nor do I know any of their personal information which is why it’s really hard for me to give an accurate statement on what actually happened with the site. All I can make are speculations based on the information I’m given therefore I won’t be able explain what actually happened.

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I was on my way home from school when I received an email from the owner/admin that managed most of the stuff. The email was short and stated “The site is shutting down, I received a subpoena (court summon) from the Japanese government”. He didn’t explain how they got his info (even if he did I wouldn’t disclose it because of reasons) so the information I have about this is really limited. I’ve sent a reply email asking for additional information but haven’t received a response back. I can only assume that they got his info from possible mistakes he made like providing his real information when registering for the domain, old posts he might have posted with his info, anything is possible. Once again, I’m in the dark myself so it’s hard to say what happened but one thing’s for sure, the chance of AnimeTake coming back is close to zero.

[HorribleSubs] Inu X Boku Secret Service - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.36_[2012.04.05_10.56.24]

To be honest, I have many theories on how they got his information but theories are theories and I won’t talk much about it. What I can do now for the site is literally nothing because I never had any power to do anything besides post for the front page. I can, however, redirect lost AnimeTake users to a new place to get your anime, 95% of the releases on AnimeTake were pretty much from HorribleSubs as it’s the direct source. I manage the releases on there as well as the DDLs. Although we don’t have RSS for the releases, we do have a schedule that’s pretty accurate so you actually know when your shows are coming out.

As for the other 5% aka OVAs, Specials, Movies, and shows that aren’t simulcasted, there’s a chance I’ll get permission to start adding those on the HorribleSubs site but for now, you’d have to manually search for them on Nyaa. Hopefully you guys can still get your anime fix and remember, they’ll never be able to stop piracy completely.

That’s about all the information I have. I urge all the people who run/own sites similar to AnimeTake to be careful because you never know when something like this will happen to you. If anyone has any comments or anything feel free to leave a comment, send me an email via the Contact page or just tweet me.

Edit: A lot of people seem to be confused about my HorribleSubs statement. I have been apart of HS for a while now, I’ve been posting DDLs and overseeing the releases for almost 2 years. I know a lot of people really want to see the other releases as well so I’ll do my best to make stuff happen.

Another thing, please don’t send me any inquiries about taking things in my own hands, taking over the site, starting a new site, or anything related. I have no plans to meddle with AnimeTake’s internal business and I’m sure the old staff doesn’t have any either. The owner still hasn’t replied to my emails so I’m still stuck with the same information. I see he’s also updated the blank page and informed people about the site closing. I’ll try to send him a few extra emails asking if he could redirect to this post so people get more info about the situation.

Edit2: I got a reply from the owner and found out how they got his personal information. Hopefully everything goes well for him.

185 thoughts on “PSA: AnimeTake is shutting down

  1. Stix

    Didn’t Naga give the website to someone, who then became known as p2c when he left for army? Anyway, AT was basically dead after all the prime people left, that faggot WsE banned my account before he left too, fucking twat 😀

    1. Dao Post author

      I know Naga didn’t have full ownership but I was never told who the other person was (or if there was multiple). I know P2C had power to manage the site but the person who emailed me was not him. Naga was also traveling so he had no idea until I told him.

      1. goozilla

        I thought Koga had ownership. Not Kogarashi, but the one who changed his name to Noodle or something.

  2. Alacardjr

    Since it seems like you still have access/control over AT twitter account, if HS dont let you post “OVAs, Specials, Movies, and shows that aren’t simulcasted”, how about using AT twitter account for just that

    1. Dao Post author

      I actually don’t, AnimeTake has a social media team that manages the Twitter and Facebook. Also if anything that is directly linked to pirated content twitter is quick to catch on and shut the account down (that’s what happened with the old AnimeTake twitter).

      1. Dee

        In case of OVA’s and special’s how about posting here? Just informing that there is translated release (not specifying where, we all know nyaa) will be enough

  3. MasterBall57

    Do you know other site similar to animetake? With forums and daily posting too like animetake.

    1. Dao Post author

      My friend runs the releases are selectively automated from Nyaa but there aren’t any DDLs. They have a forum too but it’s ghost town there.

          1. dragoneyes001

            Any “.com” site will be closed. or tracked down any admins trying to keep a site going will need to look into the “.to /.sa …etc…” alternatives to get out of the US and region1 copyright protectorates. hong kong might just be a good place to look when it comes to thumbing their nose at Japans rules.

  4. Alacardjr

    I will miss AT, but to tell you the truth YOU where AT to me (didnt to the forum thing). 99.9% of the time its was your posts that i was clicking on. so on that note, if you join/start anything like AT again please lets us know.

    P.S. your friend website is nice! he/she even got a very nice android app for his/her site. may have to cheat on ya and check your friend website out 😛

  5. Aussiepika

    Wow.. I can’t believe that this just happened, I’m just shocked! I’ve been with Animetake for a solid 2 years, regularly using the site to find torrents to download, and I can remember the downtimes we had last year because of the jap government hunting down different sites; ddosing, stuff like that, including animetake, but I really didn’t think they’d go this far.

    Well, since I already knew 95% of the torrents I used were from horriblesubs, I might aswell go there now, although when I searched for animetake just before, there was another site which is for streaming anime and is called Is this affiliated with the owner/admin of animetake? or is it just a completely different site?

    Anyways, thanks for the update Dao, even though I didn’t write on many of the posts you’ve put up over the years, I thankyou for your hard work that you’ve done for us! :))


  6. sasukeskapa

    I’m sad to hear the news, but hopefully that slight, nearly zero chance comes to fruition and the site comes back 🙂

  7. Barbie274

    How about consider another site similar? Or maybe let us know when you join another site for OVAs, Specials, Movies. Thanks for all the work. Will follow HB

    1. Dao Post author

      If something like that happens I’ll be sure to tweet/talk about it. The most likely to happen is the owner of HorribleSubs will be give permission to add non-HS releases. I’ll have to see, but for now I don’t have any plans to make my own site because it probably wouldn’t end well for me. My best suggestion for those who are looking to download the non-HS releases would be to try and get familiar with Nyaa and learn how to use their RSS.

      1. anon

        How hard it is to code a site that make listing anime through episode then link to different encode version inside like animetake?

        My friends and me for about nearly 4 years have been visiting animetake front page just to getting new episode every week. It is faster to spot new releases looking at icons rather than just a list of text like tokyotosho or nyaa.

        1. Dao Post author

          The problem isn’t really about coding the site but more of how to manage it and deal with all the DMCAs and other shit you’ll get if the site inevitably gets big enough to be noticed. Also hosting would be an issue and the moment you put ADs or donation options on the site the MAG people come after your ass because then you technically are doing the thing they hate the most which is making money off their anime.

          1. anon

            Can placing server in like Sweden or CIS countries make DMCA unable to reach you? How about using the argument like reddit that the site doesn’t actually host the content and only is a linking service?

          2. Dao Post author

            Sure, stuff like that works, and people are and have done it. But the thing is, if they’re able to get your personal information and you live in a place where they can reach you, they can take action easier.

            As for the reddit argument about us only linking things, I’m not sure how that works nor do I know much about it so I can’t give my input on it.

  8. Aki-sama

    Thank you! I was wondering where would I download now when AnimeTake is now down. :\ and it really saddens me because for all the years I’ve been downloading there this is one of the biggest darkest hours.

  9. Serene

    I have been an active Animetake user for five years now and seeing the site being taken down is honestly heartbreaking and brings a tear to my eye (really, it does). Although i never used the forums or made an account for that matter i’d like to think of myself as a long time member. This may seem weird but Animetake was part of my life. Since the age of 10 i would visit the site weekly for my dose of anime knowing full well Animetake would deliver. For the coming days, weeks, and months i’ll mourn.For the next years to come i’ll always remember that one site with the chibi version of Yoko imprinted in the top left corner of the site and the weird glances my family, friends, and colleagues shot at me. Saynora Animetake, hopefully one day the site will return. That’s the end of this cheesy comment.

  10. Admiral Muffin

    This sucks sweaty donkey balls. I just joined the Anime Take forums yesterday and this happens. Not only that, I will be in complete paranoia mode in the following days.

  11. tmib

    What sad news. I will greatly miss both the neverending list of anime releases and the many fascinating forum discussions. Many thanks to you Dao, for all of your hard work and great reliability. Can you send your email address? I would like to keep in touch, and chat privately w/you. (pprotus07)

  12. Conduit

    Its sad to see AT go, but it wasn’t entirely unexpected, when you’re the number 1 anime pirating site for as long as AT was, its inevitable that you would eventually draw the ire of someone powerful enough to have you shutdown.

    Of course its also equally inevitable that another site will move in to fill the void that AT left behind, because you can never keep a good pirate down.

    1. Dao Post author

      It’s kind of ironic that you say that because AT actually stopped become number one because we were almost completely removed from google and we didn’t have any user gains. A huge majority of our users were just loyal visitors that continued to visit. In this day and age I don’t think there will be another site to fill the void but rather there’s already been big sites around. Those sites being Nyaa, TT, and HS.

      1. iamnothigh

        i am not that much of an otaku but got stuffs from animetake whenever it was released!
        so i just want to know one thing to boost my alternative anime sites to animetake.i know what hs and nyaa but whats ‘TT’?
        and by the way thank you AT for everything!!

        1. Dao Post author

          TT stands for TokyoTosho, it’s another site but it’s more of a library than a tracker. Lots of Anime/Manga related torrents are submitted there.

        2. YJG

          Yeah I just watch anime I don’t keep up with anything else. the site was incredibly convenient. Horrible subs is a bunch of names that I have to copy and paste to mal to find out if I wanna watch it.

          The thumbnail images made it easy to identify anime at a glance

          The mal links on ep 1’s was useful

          The easy surfing between episodes and series

          And the occasional soundtrack

          Just made things way too easy and now I’m curious if there’s some alternative.

      2. ulto

        Realistically, you weren’t that hard to find even after google stopped listing you. Anyone with sufficient dtermination to find DDL links (like myself, back when I was in University and torrenting occasionally got people expelled) would find animetake pretty quickly.

        And I still used DLL’s because these days speeds are fast enough that you can just basically treat it as a superior streaming service. I’m going to miss being so spoiled XD

      3. Conduit

        Even with its removal from Google, AT was still the largest site with more visitors(at least to the front page) than anyone else, because it was the most convenient source of up to date releases. Nyaa and TT are great if you know exactly what you’re looking for, but if all you want is to see which new episodes were released today, they’re pretty terrible, and HS only shows HS releases.

        Though it does look like will make a suitable replacement, or maybe AT going down will light a fire under Naga and he’ll finally whip into shape.

        1. Dao Post author

          AnimeDL ran off of AnimeTake’s feed which is why it isn’t being updated now but the site has been dead for a while now. If he wanted to revive that site he’d need to work a lot on it.

  13. liquidfree88

    if i still remember, WsE is a delicious mahou shoujo admin right? ahhh that brings back memory as that time was my first experience in a forum

  14. liquidfree88

    if i still remember, WsE is a delicious mahou shoujo admin right? ahhh that brings back memory as that time was my first experience in a forum

    i think its inevitable when you’ve become a high traffic anime download forum. some of the official might just sniffing the information by becoming one of the member

  15. SailorKagome

    OMG, I can’t believe this is happening, I’ve been using animetake since 2008. It’s been part of my life for quite a while, I’ve never realised until now how much I’m going to miss it. Dao, whatever happens, make sure you stay well !

    1. drakeon

      Same. This was my #1 place to go and I almost come to AT everyday. I hope that AT will make a miraculous comeback or another site will replace AT as its successor. They’re not losing any money because I already spent so much on their products. Not to mention the dvd/bd’s are always sold out fast.

      AT how I miss you. I feel like I lost a part of myself when AT goes away. AT going away would be just as bad if CR streaming site were to go away when I started anime seriously.

  16. Ethriost

    This is awful. I still have dozens of not-yet-downloaded episode on my feed, and guess where the rss feed is from? If I have to start looking for those links elsewhere, this week’s (and after) gonna be hell. DX
    Still I’m hoping the Phoenix will raise from the ashes. Bye, AT.

  17. Monken Drunkey

    Well, this sucks. Like with ASenshi before I moved to Take, I really only showed up to share a poorly-thought out opinion, ask a question, or read what other people had to say. Now, where do I go to feel completely out of my depth amongst people who’ve actually read the manga/LN?

    Thanks, Dao.

    In time, I may even grow to miss the ‘best comic relief thanks’ guy.

    1. Stefan

      lol, that annoying “best comic relief thanks” guy was probably the undercover Jap gov official…

  18. Rayne

    Sad to see AT get shutdown I’ve used it for torrents forever it was a great site it just goes to show just how narrow minded the Japanese government are when it comes to media. If companies want to make money from their products they want publicity there are a lot of animes that will never make it over to my country so the fact that you can watch anime and then hope it comes out on DVD or bluray in your region gives people the incentive to buy it. It pisses me off when 9 times out of 10 there is a link to a funimation dub and it says not available to your region If they don’t like an anime then the creators won’t make any money anyway.

    Hopefully Dao we will see you posting on horrible subs.

  19. Akahime

    Been downloading Anime on AT since 2009. I followed Dao’s post since his AnimeSenshi days. Man, can’t believe AT is closing down. It’s a hassle to check nyaa or every fansub group. Fuck the police.

  20. Stefan

    Well it was great while it lasted. I joined animetake back in 2009, so this really sucks.. it was so perfectly organized and on time with pretty much everything. Oh well..

  21. fullm3t41

    I didn’t think it would be possible to be emotional over the shutting down of a site… Will miss you guys

  22. klaynne14

    I bet it was Booyadude lol.. oh well, it was fun while it lasted, was one of the first few new members when the forums was up.. kudos to the rest of the guys who kept the whole thing going after I went on hiatus (shoutout to weika, thespacecadet,digritz, to Lenn who made me a moderator back then, iNaga who came up with the site, the rest of the mods i failed to mention and of course, Dao who was super active in the daily updates)

  23. Primeq

    As if the site going down wasn’t bad enough now I can’t read digritz’s enjoyably crazy comments any more either. Anyway thanks for all the work you did on that site Dao, even if I didn’t vocalize it much I certainly did appreciate it.

  24. ChaoSword

    Well, it has been a long time.
    I joined AT before 2009 (I think?) because of Clannad After Story and kind of only used AT for RSS feeds. So now I think I’ll be following HorribleSubs but I really wanted to see other fansubs for movies and stuff, but everyone else is also shutting down ;_;

    Either way – anyone knows how to RSS feed horrible subs?

    1. Dao Post author

      We currently don’t have an RSS feed but you can RSS our Nyaa.


  25. keronos

    Whoa, so Japanese gov will drag the owner to Japan for trial? Sounds like one hell of a shitstorm is brewing for this case.

    1. Puchu

      I wonder if the japanese gov have the power to drag other nation’s citizen for a court in japan. Just wondering thought, I don’t understand international Law

      1. keronos

        IKR. Unless the owner is a Japanese, which I think is highly unlikely. Either way, let’s wish the best for the owner(s) so that one day they might be back and revive AT… or at least something similar

    2. caim

      That would be pretty cool doe 😀 I can imagine some crazy Phoenix Wright action going on.

  26. Maleokore

    its sad day when anime sites gets shut down..:D really liked anime take since it was really great and organized. hope fully AT gets back some day good luck friends from AT…
    T: Maleokore

  27. ArdeeUchiha

    I first found AnimeTake more than 5 years ago. Since then, AnimeTake have been my sole supplier of my anime. I start to be a member in late 2009, back then I active on several funny forum like counting number forum, tell what user above you forum, etc. Then I start active on anime review forum, I meet a lot of great person there. Although it’s a brief meeting, I also have talk with Dao in AnimeTake. You may know me for my ‘Nishizawa Ayumu’ signature. I became part of anime reviewer on AT in 2013. I never know any anime sites that is well organized like AT so I feel lost when I visit AT and there is a word ‘Due to unforeseen circumstances we are shutting down animetake and closing the site. We do not plan to bring it back.’ It is sad for me that AT have to go like this. Remembering AT is all about good time memory for me. I wish all end well for everything that happened and hope that we can find ourself back again in one big spot like AT site. #fingercross

  28. Dan

    Absolutely, totally, completely, utterly gutted. I’ve been using AnimeTake for several years. I can’t believe we’ve all lost the best western portal for Anime releases because some dinosaur politicians are unable to evolve their understanding of how the internet works. I’ll be mourning the loss of AT for a while. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us.

    If anyone is concerned about how they’ll find their fixes now, as suggested you can use I’ll probably be using that along with + Not as streamlined as AT but it’s the best we got.

    Don’t even mention Crunchyroll, region locked bullshit.

    1. Guyverix

      Dont forget about some of the older torrent tracking sites. is still active although they refuse to have Horriblesubs on there, the other fansub groups are updated regularly on the site.

  29. Chaotix

    I miss AT, ever since it was a part of my anime enthusiast, from a weeaboo state up to the hobbyist state. As a former staff there, things has changed. AS time goes by so does life, the reason why I rarely visit AT.

    1. EvilMerc8

      HI CHAO
      T_T aweh man, ive been with AT since like 2010…. i use crunchyroll now, but it doesnt have everything so i still came to AT for other stuff and i do miss posting a bunch of my signatures.
      i guess i can still follow daos blog and HS

      1. Chaotix

        Long time no chat man. I really missed your artwork and I wanted to request again for sigs. Thing is, how can I find you? XD Yeah its agood thing Dao has an anime blog incase. :3

  30. Vee

    I always use animetake. That’s is my most favourite site to download anime. Yeah, i won’t talk much about this. But what you’ve done in animetake is really a big help for me.

    There’s so many anime sites that has been blocked, sold, closed, and i feel so excited when i found animetake.

    It’s sad that the gov did this to animetake. I really love this site the most.

    And i always admire how consistent the staffs are. I hope it will back soon :’)

    1. Dao Post author

      We were really big around 2008-2011 but the site started tanking. Our user base mainly consisted of loyal members who still visited.

  31. lisyaoran

    Thank you for everything you have done and for this information. Alas, everything good must come to an end.

  32. fideldesu

    I had been visiting AT since early 2009, I’m gonna miss this site for sure..

    You guys had any idea where/which site to check on those release of “OVAs, Specials, Movies, and shows that aren’t simulcasted” ?

  33. scarce

    “From School”? you have done all that while still being a student? That’s some amazing passion you have there. Regarding AT, that’s very sad. Hope things don’t escalate.

  34. shippuuden

    what a sad sad day! did not expect this to happen to anime take.. have been with anime take since 2009, and in my head thought anime take would never shut down.. but anyway thanks for all your time and effort, was/is greatly appreciated! WE WILL MISS YOU AT!!!! Until we meet again…


  35. Groot

    Thanks for you’re hard work of these past years. It is hard that it has come to this.
    But we all appreciated all you’re work and time that you have spend in it. It had never came this far without you!

  36. Raven

    I had been an avid fan of AT since 2011, it was such a great loss for all of us anime down loaders to suddenly find our beloved website being shutted down indefinitely. anyways, THANK YOU DAO for all these years, for everything you’ve done. :((( sob*

  37. Ayman

    i have been with Animetake for 7-8 years. i open the page several times everyday look at new posts and then move along never even opened the forums. You never truly appreciate things until they are gone on that note i would like to thank all the staff at Animetake for all the uploads that i never thanked for and for all the hard work i am ever so grateful.

  38. ceddie

    There’s a void left in my heart now. Animetake was the reason i got into downloading anime versus streaming it because they made it so accessible and easy, and they updated things a lot more frequently and quicker than streaming sites.
    I found AT way back in 2007 or 2008 and since then i’ve made it a habit to always check the website throughout the day, i remember when there were only a handful of series to pick from (seriously i could count the number of series available on my hand) and as the years went by, the list grew to an enormous amount.
    Thank you AT, and Thank you Dao for continuing to work hard for all us anime enthusiasts.

  39. Nic

    Dang, this is pretty sad news. Just dropping in to thank you for all those years of work you put into this, Dao. Also, thanks for the recommendation to your friend’s site, looks good.

  40. Spade

    The thing I will miss is the huge list of every episode of Detective Conan. I’ve been downloading them as I watched them, which is very slowly, so my backlog is only three episodes right now. Is there a backup of that list somewhere?

      1. Dao Post author

        The list of stats they released were four years old and at the time, HS wasn’t established yet.

  41. Zana

    Fact is, if justice is involved, it’s not surprising they got the owner’s info.
    Even if you fake, for example, your domain name information, you can still get the info from the owner of the credit card used to pay for the domain. Same thing for the server hosting.
    If they managed to get your IP (from a comment you left somewhere, for example), they can request your ISP to tell them who was the owner of the IP at the specified time… the list goes on.

    So unless you use bitcoin (which isn’t as anonymous as people think it is) and TOR browser (which is flawed as well) since the very beginning, chances are you’ll leave traces.

    And in any case, if they want to hunt someone down, they will.

    1. Dao Post author

      A lot of the time information like this can’t be given out. Domain registrars will give you warnings and a set period of time to move away before they give the information away. In this case, the real reason was something similar. If you’re Zana from Neregate I’d be glad to explain how it happened if you’re interested.

      But yes, you’re right, if they really wanted to hunt they could do a number of things.

      1. Zana

        Well I guess it depends on the legislation :/
        I believe they have to at least warn you that authorities requested your info, but afterwards each country will have its own way of dealing with that stuff.

        If you’re OK talking about it, and if you’ve got time, then I’d gladly accept your kind offer. Knowledge on this kind of stuff is always good to have.

        Mail, IRC, LINE, whichever is the most convenient for you.

  42. HD_survivor

    Dao I will never forget you, or the wonderful time’s i’v had on this web-sight.

    I joined back in 2008 when I was in high school. Now Iv grown up, gone to collage, and got a job. It’s amazing for me to think about it like that, and although I never participated in the forms I was an avid commenter on the download pages. This websight has been an important part of my life and I wish all of you the best of luck.

    If anyone is wondering were the name HD_Survivor comes from. I used to do some HD anime video posts back when megavideo was a thing. The Survivor part comes from a joke I made that I was constantly in a HD war trying to keep up with my videos being taken down. Later on the websight I did posts for shut down. In my quest for a new home I found animetake, and was delighted. For I realized that downloading MKV files offered far higher quality then what I had seen on the streaming sights. I am proud to have been part of this sight and if you ever see the name HD_Survivor you know who it is.

  43. Snyser

    Bye my beloved. you have kept me fed for five long years i wil never forget thx dao and staff. 🙁
    just when we got rid of those horrible best comic relieve spammers dammit.

  44. Daxter

    Thanks Dao for the uploads 🙂 Never registered as a member, been downloading and reading comments since 2009 it was a great site 🙂 Bye!

  45. Hellfire Booi

    Dis does indeed make my heart ache and my eyes b’ flooded with tears. Dis been a pleasant journey, and I am sad to see AnimeTake shutdown.

    And even after that anime restoration project… ;_ ;

  46. Exia

    Well I suppose all good things come to an end. I really can’t believe it’s over. I joined AT around 2009 and was apprenticed by Veritas to post front page, (I really only did it because of Gundam 00 lol) Shoutouts to oldfags including Booyadude , Duratrix, Klayne, Wuxingbagua, Koga and Kogarashi, Tiggerz, Wse, Zee, Zero and so many other oldfags that forumed and Irc when it was at it’s prime. Oh and reminisce the days of opening AT and seeing the newest episode of Code Geass and Gundam, bring’s me back to the happy days when anime was to live for. Thank you Dao for keeping up the torch after we slowly faded away one by one. I guess this means it’s an end of an era and hopefully the birth of some things good to come.

    I end it with Setsuna’s famous quirkly line: Ore wa Gundam

  47. ChappyKhmao

    Is there like a website that lists and organizes episodes the way animetake did?
    That’s what I loved most about it. It showed a small graphic of the anime and what episode it was.
    It was kind of like my news for new animes and ones i’ve been watching.
    I’m gonna miss it hardcore, but thanks for everything. T.T

    1. Dao Post author

      My friend runs It’s similar but they post only torrents and they post multiple subgroups so the recent releases might not be as organized.

  48. Life

    RIP my homepage. Animetake has been with me for so long, I don’t even remember how I first found it. It has been a part of my daily life reutine to visit the site that now that it’s gone I feel empty inside. Can’t even remember the first anime episode I downloaded from AT. I know that over the years almost everything that was being posted were releases from HS, but it just wont be the same without AT. It’s one of those you ‘you don’t know what you have till you lose it’ kind of moment.

    I’m sad.

  49. mightyme

    Thanks for the info.
    Please let us know how the owner is doing and if we can do anything to help him out.

  50. Shnow

    AT was a given in my life for, like, 5 years… I was looking for quality releases in english because Latin subbers were bad as crap, and often uploaded files in less than 480p…the first anime I downloaded from here was Zero no Tsukaima III, then never stopped visiting the page until today… and it’s sad that the site is shutting down but… it’s not so much a surprise, since that time when AT had problems with…DDoS?… Dao mentioned that there was quite the “disconnection” between the staff and the true owners of the site… I realized that the site was not to last, like, forever, and the next time the page AT would get in problems… might be the last…. sadly, that was the case, but it’s not the end for animefags like us… So, Thank You Dao (and all of the staff) for all these years of anime….

  51. Chuba

    To the people involved with Animetake and publicizing the shows as they came out, thanks, to all of you.

  52. DrCanuk

    I am saddened to see that AT has fallen victim to the latest round of govt over-reach, as I found it to be such a useful and informative site. After all the govt’s retarded restrictions on the alleged “non-child friendly” content of anime and manga in Japan, with the degrading insults made towards the supposed “evil” okatus, it is now strange to see the govt there “defending” the industry by coming after the websites that made (and keep) anime and manga a worldwide phenomenon.
    I would wager that it is not the anime/manga industry who is driving these actions. Instead, I feel it is the greedy “licensing” a-holes who stand to lose money in the West, like funimation. These parasites contribute nothing to the creation of these artworks, they just censor and “Westernize” much of the content, replace the awesome Japanese actor’s voices with a tacky English dub, and sit around collecting money (and filing lawsuits). Why have people learn anything about Japanese culture when it is easier to make an anime like a US cartoon? And there is no way that any other language dub can match the unique inflections and tones of the original Japanese voice actors. An anime should ONLY be subtitled.
    But this is not the worst of it. I only discovered anime and manga from websites like AT. As a result, I have sent thousands of dollars to Japan (over many years) for anime figures, DVD/BDs, and collectibles. But I will not pay $30-40 for BDs of an anime series that I have not seen or know nothing about. And even if I did, by the time it got “de-cultured” and became available in the US, if I then found a character I liked, most if not all of the figures and collectibles made for that series would be long sold out. I was only able to order the items I have now because I could watch new anime series shortly after their original broadcast dates. I am sure that I am not the only person who feels this way.
    Any action to end or restrict access to anime & manga by the Japanese govt is moronic. Forcing sites like AT off-line will obviously decrease worldwide viewership, by both eliminating new viewers and alienating or reducing the interest of current ones. This will only result in a decrease in foreign revenue to the industry over the long term. I do not think these actions will last long, especially if everyone boycotts the greedy anime licensees in the US (this means YOU, fuckimation!). If no-one buys their butchered anime BDs, or the products advertised on any show they broadcast, maybe then they will get the message.

    Of further note, I have seen the word “piracy” bantered about in this forum. I would recommend replacing this word the the more accurate term “cultural sharing”. If an anime is publicly broadcast for free by a TV station in Japan, and someone records it, adds a sub, then provides it at no cost to anyone who does not happen to live in Japan, how is that “piracy”? On the other hand, if you copy a CD, DVD, or BD that you paid for, and you then provide it to someone else, I believe that would likely be “piracy”.



  53. batzet

    I was with animetake almost from the start, and i checked every morning before starting my day, please say a big thank you to all.

  54. angeluslvl99

    I hope everything will be alright…
    I’ve been using animetake since 2009 or before… I’ll miss it 🙁

  55. Kanit is a website that list recent anime tv episodes and BDs releases by HS and other sub groups.

  56. Bluenoser

    I was sorrowed to see that the end has finally come for AnimeTake. I was a regular user of the site for many years, it was my primary source of new release subbed anime, and a better site for such I have never known in all my many years of seeking out anime (and I go back to the years where we met at Cons to exchange video tapes with really raw subs, pre-internet/WWW even). I know as with all things nothing lasts forever, and it did manage to last much longer than many of its contemporaries, yet that does not diminish my sorrow at the final loss we have here today.

    Anime is a favourite visual medium for me, the stories tend to be interesting, the genre range is very broad, and unlike even to this day in NA the medium is understood to be an all ages, not primarily for kids art form. It was also the best source of SF when I was growing up in the TV world, at least SF stories one could really sink ones teeth into, which is how I got into the anime fandom well over 30 odd years ago now. AnimeTake was a wonderful resource, and it will be sorely missed by so many, and while I rarely commented in the threads I will miss another much more regular user’s comments, the great stainless steel rat himself, diGritz, and if he should see this comment, I wish him well.

    I am not a torrent user, just a DD user, so for me it will be a harder transition than for some, but I will find another way, I am sure. There are simply too many of us anime fans for me to not believe so. For me it has helped deal with the issues of poor adult health and low fixed income, I could never afford to buy these anime, so I was never a lost sale, but the ability to have so many to watch and fill my lengthy days with, especially on the bad pain days, well that was a great comfort, and AnimeTake was a major aid for me in this.

    So thank you so much all you who were involved in making AnimeTake work, best of luck to the actual owner in this time of difficulty, and thank you for the many years of ease in finding new quality storytelling to pass my days with. For someone on long term disability that really mattered a great deal. Thank You.

  57. Solum

    Awww… I feel sorta sad now that animetake is gone. I’ve used it for a solid four years and a bit. Although the most I did besides getting the torrents was mostly just read the comments and maybe post a comment once in a while but it sorta became a norm for me to just check in and see what came out everyday.
    It is true that I mainly got the Horrible subs torrents from you Dao so I guess its easy enough to follow anime over there.
    Also, I really liked how you put up dl links for the OP/ED. Do you put them on this blog?

  58. arif_sama

    I will miss AT. I still miss the fun we had back in AT’s Forums on the Void threads 🙂

    and isnt the owner Naga? :v

    1. TheChaos0

      The owner was someone else. I believe the website moved hands at least once, hence why we weren’t able to do much with the ways the website worked or how it looked.

      It’s sad to see AT go down but it was only a matter of time even if we weren’t forced to shut, the owner was pretty apathetic about doing anything other than sitting there and counting money. Not that’s inherently wrong.

      1. arif_sama

        well, back in 2008 or 2009, most of the other mods back then told me it was Naga, so I asked. Also got into arguments with Naga too 😛 Well the forum did lose its charm after a while, but most of the people still worked hard in the background and still deserved some credit 😉

        1. TheChaos0

          Of course we deserve some credit. 😉 The only real good thing that came out of this, is that I don’t have to sift through ended ongoing threads at the start of every season and move them to Discussion. Hehe.

        2. Dao Post author

          Ownership was split but the person with actual control over the site wasn’t Naga. I was told Naga and the other owner were really good friends so I’m not sure.

          1. arif_sama

            Naga went to serve in the army or something or something along the lines back in 2010…anywho 🙂 If all of you do move to a new site or most of the admins are active elsewhere, do tell me 🙂

            I on the other hand am a part of a local anime community , MazeCity(TO) 🙂

  59. Timz

    lol I told someone I knew about this and scared him sh*tlessly. He also runs a small site and was curious on how the owner of AT info was actually got found out.

  60. Mike I

    It seems that animesenshi is also shutting down. They must have been cracking down. You guys did a great job. Thank you!!!!

    1. Dao Post author

      Some of the old staff want to bring the site back but the biggest problem is the domain. Even if we do start a new place, the traffic will be no where close to what we had and we’d have to build everything back up.

      1. somerandomguy

        Cant you just “buy” it from the previous owner? If he’s not planning to continue with AT he might sell it for like $1, who knows. Nothing illegal and he wont be associated with it anymore.

  61. Mitchell

    Just wanted to leave a comment to thank you for all your hard work over the years. I hope the owner or AT doesn’t do any real jail time, but yeah government…

  62. Celestine

    Wanted to drop a message, thank you so much for all the joy you’ve brought all these years, i wish the owner all the best…i hope we’ll find another alternative to this…

  63. Dacasa

    Well, we had some good years on that site. But you never know, it might rise up again soon c:
    It’s great to read all the messages about how people liked the site. All the other staff wants to thank you guys for the support.
    I’d like to thank all the donators too, even though the staff wasn’t payed. Do not forget to unsubscribe in your paypal! I don’t think anyone bothered to automate that.

  64. Fajar Wahyudi

    me download from AT since 2010, im gonna miss u AT. thx for Dao and Commander A.


  65. kentda

    Been a “mostly ghost” reader of the AT forums for quite some time. Sad that the site is gone as it was handy for keeping up to date on things (even more up to date than but these things do sadly happen.

    The main thing I’ll miss is being able to track down a lot of old series that don’t really get torrents anymore because they’re just Seriously Old. Sure, they’ll still exist elsewhere, but AT made it slightly easier to find them. Again, its the nature of the beast for things like this to happen.

    I don’t know how many series that I found out about from AT or the like that I went and bought later. Some I’m still waiting to see surface as its just a matter of time for a number of them to get an official release.

    As some of the others have said, the time and effort you put into things was greatly appreciated and being kept in the loop about things is cool. I had to do a Google when I saw the notice to find out what was going on and I try and stay on top of things.

  66. Meningo

    Just came here, to give my condolence to AT and all of the staff.
    I loved you Dao and AnimeTake, it was great as long as it lasted.
    Yo will be missed! Thanks for the informations about all this.


  67. Snyser

    i keep going to animetake website, hoping its back each time i surf i only get a empty page its a like habit of mine something i wil miss very bad 🙁

  68. Brian Filossie

    Hey Dao I read the news about the site being shut down, and it really does suck! I have been using Animetake for prolly about 4 years now. I always wanted to join the site but i was always busy with working and other things. That’s not an excuse or even why I am posting this. I Just wanted to say that Thank You for everything you have done on this site and for all of the great Anime I was able to watch because of you and Animetake staff. I wish I could have been a part of it, and I am sad that I never did. I love anime, and I prolly will for the rest of my life! Thank you for making it possible for me to watch the anime I love. I wish you and the entire staff the best of luck!

  69. Ethriost

    Okay, it’s hasn’t even been a week but I already miss the episode discussions and random talks. I know the chance the main page will be back on is very slim (if any, at all), but can’t we have just the forum back?

    P.S. Somehow I forgot to say this on my earlier post, but, Thanks to all and every crew member of AT for the neatly designed and actively updated site. It’s the first site that I followed ever since the first time I started immersing myself into anime and the one I spend most of my browsing time when it comes to anime. Otsukare-sama deshita….!

  70. ArtificialDoll946

    Thank you very much for all of your dedication and hard works. Although we haven’t been around for long, AT still means a lot to most of us, and had been a great help to one of us.*bow*.

  71. NICE-KUN

    I’ve been to Animetake since 2008. The good ol’ Gundam00 and Code Geass days. I remembered when Naga left for the mandatory conscription. Also, remember when one angry former AT staff defaced and deleted a lot anime content. This was one of my favorite anime download sites. Good luck in whatever endeavor the AT staff is pursuing.

    1. Naga

      Yep those were good times 🙂 Thank’s for sticking with us. Were you around for codegeassfan ?

      1. NICE-KUN

        Yep. Gundam00fan and codegeassfan. Yes, that far back. Then it was sold to a guy who put some bad adware. I avoided that site like the plague. Then I discovered animetake.

  72. ittekimasu

    Once I got wind of AT closing down I had hoped you weighed in with your thoughts. Thanks for all your hard work over the years! And I hope once time permits you’ll return to writing brief thoughts/reviews on new and upcoming series.

  73. KAIIRU

    Damn dude. This fucking sucks ding-a-ling. Gerd damn Jerpenese, Sterp takin’ down my shitty sources.

  74. Tatakwan

    i shock when i know that AT is closed, because of AT i can watch many anime that i like
    thank u to all AT staff and members for hard work this many years.

  75. Fluca

    Damn, this sucks.

    Anyways, THANK YOU very much for all your hard work and believe me, it was very much appreciated.

    So sad to see the site go, but even sadder to see us all scatter in other directions.

    Please keep us posted about any such future endeavours.

    Thanks again and good luck!

  76. chams

    nooo , my source of anime gone , its been too many years i no longer know how to live without anime take, the comments, the “best comment relief thanks ” guy , the trolls , dang i am lost anime take will be missed 🙁

    1. chams

      there is a random site i saw but they don’t look to be affiliated in any way to the animetake we know and love all they do is stream content .

  77. Maj. Jackal

    Well now, this sucks. I’ve been using AnimeTake since 09′. I would login make a few comments and go about my bussiness. It was the go to spot for my daily fix of anime. It had an easy interface for a website at the time. I have seen it change a lot over the years. Dao you have done a good job uploading and dealing with the site for a while now. . Thanks for all your hard work and the AT staff. Hope to get a replacement site soon.

  78. Rich

    Wow. Just wow. I’ve been using this site for about 4-5 years now and I’ve always loved the warm style of the website. I am grateful the horriblesubs’s torrents but let’s be honest animetake was the cherry on top of everything. I hope the site will rise from the dead but I can’t say I’m going to get my hopes up. I’ve never really posted on the animetake forums before but I’ll always be in debt to Dao for his hard work!

    R.i.p. Animetake, the best website for an anime fix!

  79. Rich

    Wow. Just wow. I’ve been using this site for about 4-5 years now and I’ve always loved the warm style of the website. I am grateful the horriblesubs’s torrents but let’s be honest animetake was the cherry on top of everything. I hope the site will rise from the dead but I can’t say I’m going to get my hopes up. I’ve never really posted on the animetake forums before but I’ll always be in debt to Dao for his hard work!

    R.i.p. Animetake, the best website for an anime fix!

  80. k kuroba

    owner is actually some israeli guy who runs a stream of networks of piracy sites, some get paid for posting and running his sites, while i noticed that others don’t. if you weren’t getting paid and were doing it for the e-peen, you got scammed, big time.

    last i recall he wasn’t a big fan of anime anyway :p

  81. Arctic

    Well this sucks yo :/

    Wasn’t much of the AT forum guys … more like none 😀 … still gonna miss AT for what it was.
    Srsly whenever new anime was about to be released you could quickly check it to see if it’s your cup of tea or not.

    Well back to DLing everything again and watch 1st ep of every shitty whatever anime.

    PS: Thx for your work Dao, you were the best there to me.

  82. Fan

    I am really sad 🙁 and miss animetake so much. My finger automatically type Rip Animetake
    Also, Dao I hope that you continue doing your impression.
    Thank you for everything.
    – Fan

  83. RemieGino14

    I’ve been lurking AT since 07 (Around the time Bleach was ending) I never registered, but I would always read the comments for shits and giggles. There was a point in time where I had swayed away from Anime for a year, but came back near the end of 08. (When Clannad first started.)

    No one knows me, nor did I want anyone to know me. For one, I never knew an existence of a forum to begin with, but I know I don’t have time for that. Thank you for the years, unfortunately my sources of Anime have now been slowed (I used AT just to see whats out, when its out, whats coming out, but during the times of the downtime the site had, I just used AniChart to see whats coming up.)

    Thank you Dao for recommending the HS site (Since AT shut down, I’ve literally just been using HS and Nyaa.) And for the last thing for me to say…

    I no longer have to see the “Best Comic Relief, Thanks.” anymore.

    Thank You.

  84. Jay

    First off, I wanna say that I have been using AT since 2005 and am very sad to see it shut down after so long, and I have always appreciated your contribution to that site, DAO so many thanks for bringing us thousands of episodes and titles, we owe it to ya!

    I also find it rather troublesome to hear that the Japanese government was able to find out the owners personal information. If it is possible to say how they got their personal information without actually revealing where their personal info is, or what their personal info is, I believe a lot of us would love to know just what they are capable of, and so that we dont make the same mistakes. Also if the owner operates out of america, then I definitely want to know how the Japanese government can act as they did.

    My heart and prayers go out to the owners of AnimeTake. They brought us something great, and did so much for the community, I would hate for them to have to suffer for it.

  85. kanade

    Why people use AT for following shows is beyond me. Excluding DLLs, why don’t people use a more convenient method to stay up to date such as RSS feeds? XDCC can be an alternative for DLL as well if you’re having bad connection for certain file sharing sites.

    You’d think that in this day and age, people started learning efficient ways to download anime but I guess I was wrong.

    1. Dao Post author

      AFAIK the people who went on AT for torrents liked that the site was organized because they didn’t know how to browse Nyaa or something along those lines.

    2. Ethriost

      Why you think that using a single, organized site like AnimeTake to follow every anime releases is less convenient than any other way, is beyond me, actually. Also, people don’t simply go looking for another site when they already have one that covers all their need (i.e. AnimeTake), especially when they have been sticking around it for more than a couple of years. As for my case, I DO use RSS. Very neatly organized, separated by titles and respective seasons. And you know where such convenient feeds came from? AnimeTake. Bang! FML

  86. Mister lister

    Dao, on animetake at certain episodes there were also songs along with the download and torrent links.
    How did you get notified of when those songs became available, and what’s a good place to get them at, if I may ask?

  87. LemonWater

    Hey Dao, since AT is over, do you know any site similar to it? Its a little annoying having to check a few sites just to see if they have released the episodes. AT was so convenient, everything was there ;__;
    For now, im just sticking to horriblesubs, commie an fff for releases.

  88. AnimeAddict

    I was one of the visitors who will share their own uploads in the forums of Animetake

    back in the days of Megaupload and Rapidshare

    At the time there were other sites, like AnimeStop – uploads by 1 one Caboose
    Animebreaker- couple of guys (KT,luis,etc)

    It was good time.

    but those sites died out long before animetake due to the file reporting (mass deletion) .. etc..

    I joined simply to share download links to gain Megaupload points for premium. Honestly? AnimeTake staffs (forums mods) are not exactly friendly

    I don’t know about the later group but the ones i encountered at the time were. I just upload then post and download things, don’t really hang around on the forums that often

    Still, with Anime take gone. I think that’s all the anime download sites i know from way back
    AnimeStop, AnimeBreaker, Animetake.

    I wonder where all of them will go next……. :/

  89. mangamuscle

    You mention you also are staff at, is there any chance that instead of using Funimation hardsubbed stream, you instead used a raw (ohys, leopard, zero, etc)? This becomes a real issue with censored streams (like in DxD Born) and it is always nice to be able to turn subtitles off when they obscure something important. I do not know the specifics, but it is possible to rip the subtitles from a hardsubed video, at least that is what they say they are doing at senketsu subs

  90. kawainu

    Dao, do u have any info regarding what happened to the AT twitter and facebook page? People there claimed that both would be kept online even if AT was gone forever but now they both simultaneously disappeared . There was also info about a new website being in the works but now that both the fb and twitter r gone its impossible to get any info…

    1. Dao Post author

      They aren’t gone, they were changed to “AnimuTank”. The old staff (the forum staff mainly) decided to make a new site “” which isn’t the same as AnimeTake because they’re branching off as a community site with news and release notifications.

      If you went to AT soley for the links and stuff this probably won’t be for you.

      1. kawainu

        Thanks for the quick reply. Didnt even hear about the new name for the twitter and fb until now.

  91. AnimeAddict

    so AnimeTake is official dead.

    changing it into an news site is not going to do much

    since for anime/manga news/info type site

    it’s hard to beat animelist or anime news network

    i guess that’s it then

  92. sdfx

    Wow.. Just found out at 1:30AM EST what a struggle. Haven’t checked the site since earlier the year.. When did AT start in 2008? I remember joining very early back in the day when I was like sophomore in high school. I’ve now graduated college and I’m working full-time.

    Unreal. Appreciated all the posts from the various staff over the years. Thanks Dao

  93. ninetailz

    I am so sad to hear all of this and hope the owner is okay and not having ended up like the piratebay owners.. as much i hate all this dmca’s and shit i hope he got out of this 🙁

    Bakabt – Its a private tracker/torrent site you got to register but really ancient anime and hd quality anime arefound there
    Nyaa – Really good public anime torrent site
    Tokyotousen and haruhichan also horriblesubs !

  94. Erin92

    Thank you for your effort sir. I am sorry, I can’t do anything about that. Always been looking forward to everyday’ post until last month when I was hooked to GB.

    GOd bless

  95. intelOne

    I still click my bookmark every now and then, hoping to see the site again, like it never went down.
    No other site does it as good as AT did, so easy to keep track of ongoing series.

    I hope one day someone else picks up the idea and trys to forge a new site, a new legend.

    Best of luck to all,

  96. Obsolete

    It’s too bad about AnimeTake. I was with them since nearly the beginning and haven’t been visiting for a couple years now so it came as a surprise when I went to check out the forums again and it was all gone ;(

    I hope all went well with everyone that was involved in the case. Naga & the rest of AT, you will be missed.

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