Ore no Imouto Finale: Thoughts and Comments


Yes, I know it’s been a good 2-3 weeks already since this has aired but please don’t blame me… blame [EveTaku] for delaying their releases until now. Anyways, this will most likely end up being a pretty lengthy post considering that I have A LOT to say about the show’s ending and of course the show itself. Before I begin, I’d like to remind everyone that everything I say in this post are personal opinions. I don’t believe I’m 100% correct in any way but the things I say are what I believe to be true from my personal point of view. Oh yeah, this post WILL contain a lot of major spoilers for the show itself so definitely do not read it if you haven’t watched the show and are planning to watch it.

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To begin, I’d like the address the main “issue” or topic about the ending, Incest. There’s a lot of people out there who made statements about how this show turned out to be completely wrong and disgusting. How this show is saying incest isn’t wrong and how the show is “promoting” incest. I believe those people are wrong and they just came up with whatever excuses they could use to talk bad about the show after seeing their favored girl not win. HOWEVER, I am in no means saying incest is the right thing. In terms of what I think about incest, I’m on a neutral stand point. I believe there’s a lot of things that can be said about it and honestly topics like that will always generate a lot of controversy from different people, it’s just how life and these things work . I do however, believe that the show’s ending has much more meaning to it and it’s all about how you see it. Yes, I am a fan of Kirino and I definitely did enjoy the ending. Does this mean I’m a fan of Incest and I believe it’s the right thing to do? No. Just like the show stated, you should never mix up real life with eroge. This applies to anime too, just because I enjoyed the ending it doesn’t make me automatically approve incest. The reason why I enjoyed the ending is because I loved Kirino as a character. I didn’t like the show because of the relationship that was obviously building up between Kirino and Kyousuke, but because of Kirino herself. I’m happy she won, I really am but the part about them being siblings was honestly an added bonus. If Kyousuke wasn’t her brother it still wouldn’t change the fact that Kirino won and that the protagonist chose her out of all the other girls. Despite the show going down the incest route, I feel like there’s a lot of things that you can say about it. I don’t think they were encouraging the fact that Incest is right but the fact that if you really want something, even if it’s beyond your reach, you can still make things happen to obtain it. Despite knowing incest was terribly wrong, both of them went through with the relationship knowing there was going to be consequences. To me, this brings out a message of never giving up. If you really want something, you should try your best to get it without giving up especially if there are obstacles along the way. Kirino’s hardship of going through her entire life loving her brother despite being told it was impossible and wrong by Manami early on shows how much she continued fighting for what she wanted without giving up and in the end, she finally got it. Once again, I believe this show can relay a lot of different messages to the viewer. It’s all about how you see it. For me personally, I believe it definitely wasn’t promoting incest but the fact that in life, you need to have determination, courage, and to be able to face consequences to obtain those things that are really hard to get.

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Now that I got that out of the way, it’s time to talk about the actual show itself. I loved it. Although it doesn’t receive a perfect score it in my book, it’s definitely a pretty high score. There were a few things I didn’t like about the show such as Kyousuke actually going out with Kuroneko despite him “loving” kirino the entire time but overall, I definitely enjoyed it a lot. In the beginning, I had the impression that this show was definitely going to be your average slice of life comedy with a bit of otaku and siblings mixed into it. Season 2 was definitely not a surprise to me because I had read the novels after watching season 1. I knew season 2 wasn’t going to be the same. The plot, the concept, everything would change and form into a composed story with tons of drama and controversy. I also knew about the incest ending before hand and I’m actually surprised they decided to animate that and end the show the same exact way the novels ended. I definitely thought they would end the show on a neutral point but after watching it I believe the way they portrayed the ending definitely made it better as compared to reading the ending.

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I LOVE Kirino as a character. She’s probably one of the first characters I really taken a liking to. A fun fact is that my very first scale figure I purchased, is her.
For those curious, this is the figure – Link
People often call Kirino a bitch and how she has a really bitchy and annoying attitude. While I think that isn’t completely wrong, I feel like she’s sort of an altered tsundere. I feel like that’s what makes her so lovable as a character. Sure her tone and attitude is bitchy but it’s always followed up with something uguumoe that makes you smile (at least for me). Now, I don’t have a female sibling so I honestly don’t know if my opinions would change if I actually had one but I’m pretty sure it won’t affect it that much. I’m not one to group real life with anime or even relate to it.

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Finally, my thoughts on the ending. While I said I really enjoyed it, I would probably only give the ending itself a 9/10. The ending sort of threw me off when I first heard about it. I don’t mind the whole incest route, I’m glad Kirino ended up winning. However, I do feel like the ending could’ve been executed better. I felt betrayed when they made the relationship temporary. After all of that I believed that the whole message of this was to never give up on things you really want. At the same time I guess I could see why the author decided to end it like that. I personally would’ve liked an ending where they run away from their parents to live together somewhere else after the whole marriage scene. Not too worked up on that though, I’m pretty content with the ending as it is. This show has definitely been a hell of a ride. There’s definitely a lot of different opinions on the show. Some people love it like me and some people just absolutely hate and despise it. I also wouldn’t mind if the show continued, though it’s very unlikely I guess it is possible considering they ended it at a pretty vague point. There’s still life in high school for Kirino and surely a lot of other things they can do with the story. But one can only hope for more content especially with how it ended.

It’s been fun Ore Imo, I’ll definitely re-watch you in the future. As for Kirino, yeah, she’ll continue to stay as my waifu for a long time.

9 thoughts on “Ore no Imouto Finale: Thoughts and Comments

  1. Srapture

    I must admit, I was certainly heartbroken when it was revealed what was whispered in his ear, but I’d say it was played off quite well. It is true that they wouldn’t be able to get married, and they wouldn’t be treated the same way by others if they were in an incesttuous relationship. Sure, I would have preferred a lovely “It doesn’t matter. All we need is each other!” ending, but I do appreciate the realism in their down-the-earth decision. Also, he kept Kirino in Japan with everyone by going through all that, so there’s an upside.

  2. Zallow

    Just after watching the episode 10 of the season 2 of Oreimo, I read the last light novel few month ago, I wanted to know what would happen next. When I discovered the incest ending and saw all others girls rejected, I was like “HOLY SHIT WHAT DA FUCK DID I JUST READ ?!” and that for many reasons.
    First, I have a big sister, that’s why I was very very disgusted about the incest thing, I mean, only people who have a sibling can understand it, for others, it’s just a fantasm. Some people said that it was obvious that this manga was going to the incest route , you just have to read the title, however, I can’t totally agree with that. For me , this manga is much more a story about the growing relationship between two siblings than an incest love story.
    The second reason was that ALL THE GIRLS WERE TOTALLY REJECTED LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT, AND THAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF. I mean, if the author wanted to do an incest love story, I’m ok, even if I’m disgusted by incest, it’s just a manga and some guys would probably fantasm on it , so I’d understand him. But why the hell then he gave us hopes with other girls ?
    When I started the anime, I thought Kyousuke would end with Manami, because they were really closed childhood friends, she even propose him to sleep on her lap. She was really annoying as a character, but she was just like Kyousuke, so it would be ok. Also, Kyousuke slept with her one night, and when Akagi asked him, he told that he wouldn’t let a guy dating Manami.
    Kuroneko also came in the story, first as a friend, but then as a lover for Kyousuke. Same thing for her, she even confessed and dated him, until Kirino told her true feelings ( I have to say that Hell yeah, Kirino was really cute this time ).
    Then my favorite character appears : my lovely angel Ayase-tan. At the beginning, I didn’t see her as a girlfriend for Kyousuke, it was just they seems to belong well. Then she started to become all dere dere with him, and Kyousuke also started to flirt with her ( what she called sexual harassment XD ). Kyousuke always acted like he could date her if she was ok with it, I can mention the time when he came to her house and was happy at the idea that she would confess ( episode 6 I guess ) , or all the things he thought about her ( In episode 11/12 specially ) and just in the end, he rejected her. -_-
    I can also speak about Kanako or Sakura ( she was a girl he saved when he was younger, she only appears in the light novel ) but I already speak too much, all of that just to saying that the author gave us hope for all the feminine characters ( except Saori ) and then destroyed all in a row just like this. If it was to reinforce the love between Kirino and Kyousuke, it’s useless, Kirino herself is more than enough.
    It was just cruel.
    Still, don’t misunderstand me , if I go that far, it’s only because I really LOVED watching Oreimo, probably one of the best manga I’ve ever seen, even if it took the incest route. I REALLY liked Kirino as a character, you’re right when you say that it’s probably her tsundere side which make her so great, and I still found her really cute in the 3 last episodes of the anime, no, I mean in all the story.
    For the ending, I guess it’s a pretty good one, now they know each other’s feelings, but find it really strange. They get married just for their fantasm, and then become a normal pair of siblings, just that now, the big brother find his little sister really cute, which is totally normal.
    About a season 3 , It’s not possible since the light novel was finished. Also, this season 2 was really rushed compare to the light novel, they cut a really long part about Kyousuke’s childhood , they didn’t even presented Sakura =P Also, they showed the stalker in the episode 12, but skip it also, which make that people who didn’t read the light novel couldn’t understand, so it’s useless to make a season 3 if they don’t have much elements to put it in and if they continue to cut story parts like this.

    PS : English isn’t my native langage, I started to learn it few years ago, but I’m pretty sure that you’d done a mistake when you say ” If Kyousuke wasn’t her sister” since he’s a guy.

    1. Dao Post author

      Oh god, the grammar mistakes 4AM at night lol.
      But yeah, I know it’s very unlikely but one can only hope for a season 3.
      I don’t expect it but I’m just saying it is possible for the author to continue on with the novels, just very very unlikely.

  3. Drizet

    Man, i enjoyed this show and actually very unusually didn’t really mind which girl he would end up with, ofc kirino was the favorite but i really like most of them, they all had their ups and downs.
    and about all that incest debate.. i think its pretty stupid debating over stuff thats supposed to be wrong or ilegal thats inside a show/game.. i mean everyone plays GTA,Payday etc which are games that very openly makes you do ilegal stuff to just progress but you dont see little kids riding cars like maniacs and running over people.. thats the idea about things thats not real, they are NOT real, you can do what ever you want on your show and it would be fine, just restrict age or w.e
    in addition i think that if you really get to the point that you mix your real life with anime/games
    (incest with your sister in that case) then you have a problem.. i have sisters, and watching a show with incest dont even light the tiniest bulb about that idea with my sisters, thats cuz i dont mix real life and games/anime/etc. those are the places to see and explore such taboos or ilegal stuff that even thinking about them in real life is wrong, and thats cuz it is NOT real.

  4. ad90

    ^^ that’s the point, its not real, so talking about it like it were real is useless.
    About the ending, I actually liked a lot how Manami finally shows her true self and puts Kirino in her place for once, she needed to be punched so many times along the story! Never I had guessed it would be Manami though. I really liked Kuroneko and as you watched this show because of Kirino I watched it (and read the novels) because of Ruri, even tho the story only unfolds because of Kirino she made her own story and stated her own feelings.
    I think the story is over, Kirino is just 14 here and Kyousuke will go to college, its more than a possibility that they’ll grow up and although those feelings could remain many things can happen…
    Good show overall, but yeah, after all these years not having a definitive happy ending is kinda frustrating..

  5. OtakuEiSama

    Wow, I like how a lot of things were said about OreImo, because that shows how much one actually cares about watching it. Haha, it’s nice to find someone a little bit more hardcore and enthusiastic than most other anime otaku out there. My thoughts on Oreimo…
    I personally love Kuroneko much more than other characters. I can’t recall what exactly Kuroneko has that attracted me so much, maybe it’s her chuunibyou style? kukuku~ Oh, and probably her voice too, and her cloths, and her height, and everything else! wahaha! -cough- anyways, I initially had the feeling about the ending, that it was alright because of everything that led to this endpoint. Then, I guess it was the comments on facebook, that kind of changed my thoughts. It is nonetheless true that the ending did not accomplish anything, aside from that kiss. The comments I saw made me realize that the ending scene simply brought the couple back to square one, where they didn’t have a relationship at all, aside from that kiss. It almost felt like the last few scenes were made for nothing because it came out to give nothing, the siblings stayed siblings and nothing more, “aside from that kiss!” x33 Yes, It seems I really did enjoy the kiss scene, it brought a huge change to our mentality. I guess the point I am making is that “their relationship didn’t go deep enough to make a difference” by the end of the Anime. Perhaps, yes, perhaps they will restart somehow their relationship in our imagination since the anime has ended, but I guess for the most part what we see in Anime matters the most. That’s my personal opinion. Side Note… Although I can assure you that I would adore Kuroneko FOREVER I don’t hate Kirino, I still like her for her eroge/otaku part. However, it was kinda hard for me to see how people can be attracted to other heroines aside from Kirino and Kuroneko. I mean, there seems to be so little involvement of other heroines besides those two in the Anime. Ayase, Manami, the girl acting as Star Witch Meruru, and probably a few more I can’t recall at the moment don’t really catch my attention. I know I know, there’s the yandere part about Ayase going everywhere on the network that we must have all heard about, but that’s pretty much it for me. Maa tonikaku, I rated Oreimo a 9 as an above average romance Anime. I am a hardcore romance series fan, if you don’t believe me then you’re welcome to check my MAL, OtakuEiSama. Thank you, Dao-sama, not only for the wonderful detailed comment on the Anime, it really felt like someone else aside from me has paid good attention for Anime and therefore the Anime is being respected. Otsukaresama, minna-san. Jya.


  6. Rom

    I read somewhere on MyAnimeList forums that the author was forced to change the ending by his publisher. I’ll provide links later if I can find it.

  7. Andrea

    Thoughtful response to OreImo, Dao. Thanks for sharing it.
    (Thanks for AnimeTake as well.)

    I adore Kirino, she’s one of my absolute favorites of any anime. OreImo is also one of my top 5 anime as well, that is, OreImo as a whole package. I’d sell my soul for a little sister like her.

    I loved the ending, though I shared your (and others’) feelings of betrayal upon finding their out-in-the-open dating came to an end. I read the last chapter of the light novel to ease that feeling, since it has Kyousuke showing much more unease about ending their dating than the anime specials did. Hearing the story of how vehemently the author Tsukasa fought with the animation studio about making the final kiss on the lips rather than the cheek also helped calm my frustration about it. Unlike Yosuga no Sora, there was no deus ex machina distant-relative for them to run off to (not that I disliked that anime’s end), which did give a mature touch of realism to their love story. Despite how it ended I too was overjoyed to see Kirino be the girl he chose, and equally happy to see a harem that actually ended as a non-harem (something I feel Infinite Stratos is in dire need of).

    Regarding the topic of incest, I have a particular feeling about it. For me it’s all about a healthy, reciprocating relationship. What I mean by that is I don’t personally have a problem with it as a concept, but I feel there’s kinds of it that abuse or alter more important kinds of relating. Siblings/cousins I have no issue with, whereas parent-child incest I feel alters the role-model relationship in a harmful way and is not capable, IMHO, of providing the two parties with the kind of mutual reciprocation of care and emotion necessary for a romantic relationship. Maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t sit well with me. Siblings like Kirino and Kyousuke, on the other hand, have a romantic relationship that doesn’t damage their sibling relationship, but rather enhances it and even fixed it — which is what I feel is one of the morals of OreImo: paralleling love of siblings and romantic love until the two meet and mutually better each other. …Anyway, that’s my two cents on it.

    Seeing as Tsukasa is writing a completely new light novel now, I’m pretty sure OreImo is finished for now. It’s nice to know it has an open ending. How Kyousuke ends it, with his little monologue, though, makes it seem like the story is no more, which makes me sad. Not a painful sadness, more like, the kind of sadness that makes me smile.

  8. R

    In all truth I was rooting for Kirino and Kyousuke, I mean it HAS been revolving around them mostly. But the ending did make me kind of angry, well mostly I was disappointed and unsatisfied, but still.​ I think It would’ve been a much better ending if he rejected everyone, possibly with a scene where Kirino denies what he said and Kyousuke comforts her, and then broke the fourth wall to say he loved Kirino, but still wanted the days he has at present to last and that even though she’ll get over her feelings for him, as will he, he won’t forget what he’s felt with Kirino. It should also have the last setting be in a party with everyone in it and have him break the fourth wall there.


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