On NYCC 2014 (With Photos)


This year was my 5th consecutive year attending New York Comic Con and I have to say, this was definitely the shittiest year to attend NYCC as someone who’s mainly interested in anime.


My first year at NYCC was back in 2010, the first year the name of the convention changed from New York Anime Festival to New York Comic Con. To put things short, the con was absolutely amazing. While you can definitely tell a huge majority of the booths, panels, exhibits, guests, and entertainment companies were anime related, you can tell that there was a good amount of comics, american cartoons, and other related stuff. If I had to give a estimate It’d be something like a 60/25/15 where 60 is anime, 25 is comics, and 15 is game/entertainment companies.

Btw, if you just want to see the little amount of cosplayer photos I have just scroll down.

Fast forward 2 years, my 3rd consecutive year at the con and I really start to notice the huge increase of comic related things, probably already overtaking the amount of anime related stuff. The guests, exhibits, and even panels related to anime were decreasing every year and it was really noticeable that anime was slowly becoming irrelevant to the event.

Every year NYCC has something called the “Artist Alley” where artists apply for a table where they can display their works and sell prints to people who want to buy them. Last year NYCC decided to “ban”/”decline” artists who wanted to showcase anime related artwork. I have absolutely no clue why they would want to do that except for them wanting to remove the anime culture out of NYCC. Way to go fuck heads.

Every god damn year the con gets shittier and shittier. I’m not saying NYCC itself is a bad event but for someone who goes there mainly for anime and the alike, it’s a really disappointing event. The first 4 years I purchased 3-day passes and the first 3 years those 3 days were used up fully. I went to panels, multiple booths that held events, and spent a lot of time enjoying myself. Last year I only went one out of the 3 days my pass was valid for. I essentially wasted $35 of my $65 spent for the pass and the reason being is because I completely cleaned out the event in no more than 6 hours. There were only like 30 anime-related panels and a majority of them were English-dub screenings which I obviously wasn’t going to go to and the others were either boring or just something I wasn’t interested in. In a time of 6 hours I had visited the only panel I wanted to attend (it ended up being shit, just some people talking about the development of haruhi and crap) and looped around the show floor 3 times. I found it pointless to even go the other 2 days and ended up just staying home.

This year I was initially going to go for 3 days but due to my friends not being able to obtain a 3 day pass, I opted to sell my 3 day pass and to just go for one day.
best fucking decision I ever made in my life.

The con this year was absolute shit. Not only was there only like 5 fucking anime panels 3 which is from CrunchyRoll which ironically by the way, doesn’t even have a fucking booth this year, like seriously? you hold panels at the event but don’t even have a booth? Now, I’m not sure if this is NYCC’s fault or CR’s that they couldn’t get a booth but either way it was ridiculous as I spent 2 hours looking for the booth until I came to the realization that they didn’t have one this year and by the time I realized it and found their panel on the guidebook their panel had already ended (guess I got fucked).

Funimation’s booth was pretty shit this year. They used to give out promo posts for shows they were simulcasting this year and had a lot of staff interaction with the fans but this year they literally boxed themselves up and hired random people who have 0 knowledge on anime to sell goods for them. During the event I walked up to one of the staff there and asked: “Excuse me, do you happen to know if CrunchyRoll has a booth here this year?” which the lady who was behind the counter replied “What’s CrunchyRoll?”. I then start to think like holy shit did this con become so shit that the staff of Funimation didn’t’t even want to come to the event itself?

It took me 2 hours today to clear the entire show floor (4 loops) and buy the things I wanted. There was literally no other anime related panel on Friday but Funi’s screening of Dragon Ball Z in English dub. I ended up spending the entire day looping around the show floor (I must have looped the entire thing at least 10 times) and trying to find good cosplayers which by the way, was super hard because 95% of the cosplayers at the con was shit. There was like a total of 30 anime related booths out of like 300-400 (give or take) booths in total and like 20 of those 30 booths were just your generic overpriced anime goods resellers that appear at like every con ever.

All in all New York Comic Con is getting shittier and shittier every year for the anime fan. It went from being New York Anime Festival to New York Comic Con (Promising to “combine the 2 cultures, which doesn’t seem like is sticking very well) to New York Purely Comic Con. I guess I should really start going to better anime cons outside of New York because clearly NYCC is just not cutting it and next year will most likely be even shittier (but I’ll probably go anyways because fuck it, why not).

tldr; NYCC, please go fuck yourself and bring back Anime Festival because your promise of combining the cultures is a huge fucking lie since you seem to be consuming the culture instead.

Anyways, here’s the very little amount of cosplay photos I took.
Note: Like stated above, a good 95% of the cosplayers there were really, REALLY bad, there’s a good reason why I didn’t take that many photos.


Aaaand that’s all I have.

3 thoughts on “On NYCC 2014 (With Photos)

  1. Cassandra @ The Huge Anime Fan

    I have to say not at all surprised because with a name like Comic Con it seems like American Comics will permeate this convention.

    That said the lady at Funi’s booth did not know about Crunchyroll? Wow. At that point think she is no real self-respecting anime fan.

    In your place I would just not go to Comic Con since they do not live up to their promise.

    1. Dao Post author

      Yeah, I’m really debating whether or not I should attend next year.
      I might just go for one day again just for the sake of tradition, there’s really no harm but to potentially experience more disappointment.

  2. @nime_hunter

    Shitty! For me too at my place.. There were literally no anime. Only some fking dope sucking cons. This comic con was more shitty then before.


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