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With the end of Akame ga Kill’s and even before the anime ended, there’s a lot of controversy regarding the difference between the manga and the anime. The reason being the anime surpassed the manga. While the series didn’t 100% reflect the manga, it was VERY identical in terms of major events and how the story progressed.

Note: This post will probably contain every spoiler possible for the whole series so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Let’s start with the ending of the anime. TLDR; Everyone dies except Akame and Najenda, the kingdom is restored, and Akame becomes a lone wolf traveling and killing all the bad guys. I personally thought the ending was absolutely brilliant, I have zero complaints and while I don’t think it was perfectly executed overall, the concept of the ending is amazing. Over the course of the show they constantly brought up the point that even though they’re assassins who serve justice, assassins are still killers and “carries sins”. IMO, It’s very fitting that the majority of Night Raid was wiped out at the end.

Now to the main point, the difference between the ending of the anime and the manga (which currently cannot be compared due to the lack of material in the manga). Like I stated earlier, A LOT of manga readers are upset and pissed at how the anime ended. You see a lot of hate comments about the anime from manga readers that say something along the lines of “The anime is pure filler shit”, “Read the manga, it’s much better than the crappy anime”, “The anime doesn’t do the manga justice”, and so on. From what I’ve seen (and read), the manga and anime are pretty god damn identical. While some of the details in the manga are obviously different from the anime, the major events that happened in the manga was animated pretty much the same. Everything crucial to the story line was in the anime, and for the minor differences in the crucial parts of the story, such as Lubbock’s death, can explained by the anime’s attempt in making certain scenes shorter/longer to fit the overall length of the series. The same logic can be applied with the exclusion of the minor stuff in the manga such as Run not being Kurome’s pet.

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The cutting point to where the anime got ahead was around episode 21, where Mine and Susanoo dies after Night Raid’s attempt in saving Tatsumi. People say “there’s no way the manga will follow this” or “this is not how the manga will proceed with the story” are obviously oblivious to the fact that this is no different from when Sheele, Bulat, Chelsea, and Lubbock died in the manga. This is the main reason why I believe the manga will 95% follow the anime and I can’t find a reason to believe otherwise.

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Everyone has their own opinions and obviously not everyone will be pleased with the outcome of the anime. I know there are those who like it and those who hate it. It’s not like I don’t understand where all the hate is coming from, for those who hate the outcome of the anime, the manga is currently their “only hope” for a different ending. While I personally believe the chance of that happening is close to 0, it’s definitely NOT impossible which is why I can’t say for certain that the manga will follow the anime. HOWEVER, I do believe that those who have hope shouldn’t be bashing the anime and saying the manga will be different this early. There is no solid proof that it’ll be different and the more things you say now, the more impact it’ll have when it comes back to bite you in the ass.

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In conclusion, I’m not saying the manga will 100% follow the anime, there is a HIGH chance that it will. I’m not telling all the people who hate the ending to lose hope and give up on the series as a whole but you shouldn’t get ahead of yourself and start spewing all these controversial thoughts about how the manga will definitely have it’s own ending or how the anime was terrible and didn’t do justice. When the time comes and the odds are not in your favor, you’re only going to get more upset and angry. If the odds are in your favor, you’re free to rejoice and shit on the anime all you want, fine by me.

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Bonus: People say this scene at the end is portrayed wrong because both Tatsumi and Bulat are shown with Incursio but I say otherwise. This scene is supposed to show Night Raid as a whole, both the members AND their respective imperial arms (See: Susanoo behind Najenda). Because both Bulat and Tatsumi were users of Icursio, it makes sense for them to show all three, just a speculation countering the argument where the production company fucked up.

13 thoughts on “On Akame ga Kill

  1. Duuuuuude

    Not gonna lie. The ONLY reason I continued to watch / read AgK was to see the death of Esdeath (Kill the Pun). She didn’t die as horribly as I would’ve liked since karma decided to stop being a bitch for some reason, but I’ll take what I can get.

    That said, fucking amazing end. Except for Budou. The manga is approaching endgame and I seriously hope Budou actually gets a proper fight this time. He’s one of the few characters I actually liked. He’s like the only being in the empire who actually gives a damn about the empire. Shocking I know.

  2. nokou

    Well I haven’t seen from episode 9 because I loved this anime and I wanted to watch episode after episode.. All that I can say is thank you Dao for posting this anime series, I’m looking forwards to it also now that I know it has a amazing ending..

  3. KaiyoriaChi

    I loved Akame ka Kill it was my 2nd favorite show this season I haven’t read the manga yet plan to soon but I really enjoyed this series (Donten ni Warau was my 1st fav)

  4. Eric

    Brilliant analysis. Too many manga fags are complaining about the ending, which I thought was absolutely amazing.

    I seriously hope manga’s ending ends up being the same or at least similar so that their whining becomes a giant laughingstock of the anime community

  5. Lalo Martins

    My problem with the ending was that I found it, uh, *too* appropriate? The series was full of curve balls, then the last episode did pretty much all the obvious things, the only part I really enjoyed being Leone’s disposal of the Prime Minister. I found it kind of deflated the series and reduced its rewatch value. Still a pretty good series though, and the finale was gorgeous, if unimaginative.

  6. Eric C

    I’ve read the manga from it’s very start and hungrily (sometimes impatiently), waited for each release. When I heard the Anime was picked up I was pretty skeptical, “There’s just no way they’re gonna put ALL of that Brutality in there and not get fined!” I said to myself.

    I wholeheartedly agree then, that any cut the writers made had to be done considering 2 things, the MUCH broader audience that an anime has, and the restrictions that an Anime as a medium can put forth.

    I’m a huge fan of the Anime as an entirely separate entity from the manga.

    The kids out there yelling at the top of their lungs at how the manga is superior, just don’t understand the difference in medium. That their love for the most base sense of the story and characters transcends such boundaries, I’ll acknowledge as fanboyism.

    In regards to the ending though, I’ll semi agree with you Dao.

    I agree that it’s very likely that the manga will end in a similar way. However, the series creator being on the anime staff gives me hope that the manga takes a different turn. If he’s sick of the seies and just wants to move on he’ll just write the same thing into the manga with much darker overtones just because he can, and for some of us he can.

    If he loves making money he’ll take his time, consider what he likes and doesn’t like in the anime, and develop a story in the manga compelling enough to warrant a Movie that can be dark as the manga fans like, while having crazy fight scenes to please anime fans. Much in the same way that Full Metal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood went. (This is me being an optimist)

  7. Deza

    As a person who read the manga and watched the anime, I failed to see why people were spewing so much hate over this. The anime was fun to watch and the manga was fun to read. Why couldn’t people just leave it like that?

    Honestly, your analysis over this was spot on and almost mirrored what I believed. It’s unfortunate how so many of my manga-fag brothers and sisters bash this series.But hey….the internet is a cesspool of opinions it seems

    Also…the ending. Hey, the only thing i care for was entertainment. I loved the fight (and the tribal tattoos. Got a thing for those 😛 ) and the ending was bad-ass in its own right. But honestly, I can’t expect a story like this to end any differently. I admit I had fears it would become something like an anime version of GoT but I highly doubted that. The ending kept my expectations so I for one was satisfied, if not thrilled

  8. Chase

    I wouldn’t mind if it ended similarly, just maybe darker and better fight scenes. But you do have to admit, the anime was VERY good, but the manga is much better, even if it has same ending.

    Reason being is it takes more time to build up to that conclusion and it will seem much more satisfying.

    More character development for Kurome / Wave, Run, Tatsumi x Mine, just about everyone is in the manga, so the complaint that people dont care when a character dies because they werent developed enough wouldnt be as much of a problem in manga.

    Also, Tatsumi’s evolved incursio is 1000000x better in manga. The Susanoo Death fight is 10000x better in manga, as esdeath fights all night raid at once. The scene where tatsumi is captured / rescued is 100000x better in regards to fights and tension, only thing the anime did better was the speech the emperor gave before his execution, which strangely wasnt in manga at all.

    We actually get an esdeath vs tatsumi which is going on right now in manga with his evolved incursio.. which is honestly how the story should go, yes akame should get some important fights and more development but at the end of the day it just makes more sense for tatsumi to fight esdeath, especially if mine dies next chapter like happens in manga.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the anime so much, and I am so happy it introduced me to this great story which I am now enjoying in the manga, but it is a FACT the mangas version of events are BETTER, no matter how good the anime is. Right now anime is around top #300 on MAL, but if it had followed mangas events exactly, it would literally be top #100 top tier anime. it could have been one of best anime of all time, instead of just great, thats why so many people are extremely disappointed.

    I will just enjoy this anime, and pray to GOD for brotherhood type remake or ova series. ;/

  9. Orion

    This is a lot of bullshit.

    “even though they’re assassins who serve justice, assassins are still killers and “carries sins”” is noting but a hipocratical shit.

    There is apsolutely no way that the manga whould fallow that shit of an anime ending as there is no way that a writer that had made everything before ep 20 whould make such a shit ending.

    1. Chase

      Nah it is actually a great anime especially up to ep 19. most people that hate it hate it for silly reasons like the fact that characters actually die or because it doesn’t follow manga exactly and rate it like 1/10… but if you didn’t actually LIKE those characters you wouldnt care if they died right? and for an anime that is so divisive… for so many people hating it for silly reasons to be rated over 8 and top 300 in MAL means its actually pretty good anime, or most people seem to think so.. problem is if it followed manga exactly it’d be top 100 anime ;/


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