Nagi no Asukara Rant: End predictions, best girl candidate, and why I love this show.

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I recently caught up after being 3 weeks behind and I have to say, this show is fucking amazing. After the plot twist that occurred, the show’s recent episodes have been great. I have a lot to say about the show so this’ll be a semi-long rant. Before I begin I obviously will have to address some stuff. First off, there WILL be spoilers. I will be talking about the show from a stand point of the latest episode that I’ve watched as of February 3rd, 2014, which is Episode 17. I have only watched the anime and I’m not even sure if there is any other material for this show besides the manga (which is behind). Anything I predict or speculate is of course not 100% going to happen. It’s what I want to happen and what I speculate will happen, I’ve been right in the past about some stuff and way off about others (you can read about those in my past rants of shows like Danranronpa and VVV S1).

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Best girl candidate

It’s probably pretty obvious if you’ve read some of my tweets for this show but yes, my best girl candidate for this show is Chisaki. In all honestly she’s perfect waifu material but because I don’t want to betray Kuroyukihime and keep my loyalty for her, I’ll keep my hands off her… for now (he he he). The reason why I like Chisaki so much out of all the other female characters is because she’s the most likable one for me. Although she’s not as Tsundere and I’d like her to be, her attitude and the way she gets shy about things is cute as fuck. Unlike Manaka, she doesn’t have the annoying tone and attitude and unlike Miuna, she doesn’t have a childish mind and is mature about things. It’s funny because Chisaki’s Seiyu has voiced characters I’ve hated but this one is completely different from others.

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Why I love this show

Aside from the cute characters, pretty scenery, and unique setting, this show’s story and “drama” so to speak, is very intriguing. There’s definitely a bit of NTR present in the show and even though I usually hate shows that have NTR, the amount that’s presented in the show balances out with the other elements. The character development is a big thing for me. The whole time skip of 5 years really surprised me, in a good way. I love how each “main” character of the show has it’s own “path” so to speak, and their desires are clearly shown through their actions yet, it’s really hard to predict what will happen next. This show definitely isn’t perfect as in, it’s not going to please everyone but it definitely pleases me.

Story predictions – Chisaki x ShotaHikari route (1)

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So this is one of the 3 ways I predict/want this show’s direction to go in. When Hikari, Kaname, and Miuna travel down to Shioshishio, they don’t find Manaka but they do find everyone else from the village. No one has aged and then comes the news, Manaka is dead. Now, before you think this is just me talking out my ass, I have a good reason to predict this. The boatdrift ceremony that’s held is supposed to have a “sacrifice”. Akari was supposed to be the sacrifice but because Manaka fell down, the sea god took her as the sacrifice instead. After going back up to the surface to deliver the news, Chisaki found Hikari super depressed. Chisaki comforts Hikari and they get together. Kaname ends up with Sayu and Tsumugu either ends up with Miuna or gets someone else/no one. In the case where Tsumugu doesn’t get Miuna, Miuna goes with the boy who has a crush on her. END.

This ending is bit more unrealistic than the others and it’s more leaned towards my ideal ending.

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Story predictions – Chisaki x ShotaHikari route (2)

In this ending, Manaka is found in Shioshishio and surprisingly, aged. She aged the 5 years she wasn’t supposed to age, reason? Because she was chosen as the “sacrifice” for the boatdrift ceremony, she was different from everyone else and had special treatment during the hibernation. After going back up to the surface, she’s greeted by Tsumugu who is stunned by Manaka’s appearance. Manaka still has feelings for Tsumugu but Tsumugu has feelings for Chisaki. Chisaki has feelings for Hikari and Kaname has feelings for Chisaki. Hikari gives up on Manaka because of her change and decides it’s better for her to go for Tsumugu, who’s aged as much as her. Tsumugu asks Chisaki out but is rejected and turns to Manaka, they end up with each other. Kaname asks Chisaki out but is also rejected, he gets depressed and is cheered up by Sayu who ends up with him. Chisaki confronts Hikari that she still has feelings for him despite being 5 years older, they end up with each other. Miuna ends up with the boy who has a crush on her. END.

This is the ending I feel is most likely to happen. Maybe not exactly the way I described it but I feel Manaka being the only person to age 5 years is very likely. I doubt they’ll reveal Manaka without a “surprise” of some sort.

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Story predictions – Chisaki x ShotaHikari route (3)

Very similar to route 2 except Manaka doesn’t age. Manaka goes back to the surface to find that everything has changed. Her feelings for Tsumugu hasn’t changed and it grows because of Tsumugu’s change in age. Hikari asks Manaka out but gets rejected. Tsumugu asks Chisaki out but gets rejected. Hikari gets comforted by Chisaki, they get together. Tsumugu gets comforted by Manaka, they get together. Kaname ends up with Sayu and Miuna ends up with the boy who has a crush on her.

This route is more likely to happen than 1 but probably less likely than 2.

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Story predictions – Manaka x Hikari/Boring dead end route (3)

So this route is split into 2 but is very similar so I’ll put it in the same paragraph. Manaka is no where to be found, sacrificed to the sea god, dead. Everyone lives with that fact and the anime ends with no pairings. Alternatively, Manaka is found alive and goes back to the surface. Manaka ends up with Hikari, Chisaki ends up with Tsumugu, Kaname ends up with Sayu, and Miuna ends up with the boy who had a crush on her.

This ending is the most likely to happen out of all the other ends. Though if the show ended like this I would be extremely displeased. I wouldn’t call the show shit because of it but— okay just kidding, if it ends like that then it’s shit.

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18 thoughts on “Nagi no Asukara Rant: End predictions, best girl candidate, and why I love this show.

  1. Aru

    I wasn’t too fond of Nagisu in the beginning, but this is one of the few shows which managed to get better every single episode.

    Also, Tsumugu×Chisaki best couple.

  2. kelseyica

    i love the show and even though i love Chisaki i think it’s very unlikely she will get with Hikari. i nixed that as an option as soon as it was revealed that she aged and he didn’t. Also a lot of hinting towards Chisaki ends up with Tsumugu. The show would also be a lot darker and unexpected if Manaka died, so i dont think that will happen either.
    Ah the joys of pairings

  3. Deyuaru

    I like this anime though.

    But for me I prefer the Hikari x Miuna route, if there is one. And, this anime is probably your usual friendship anime that have alot of things happen, screwed here and there like AnoHana although I prefer AnoHana since is a sad, dramatic anime like Clannad.

    Overall, I liked the anime since episode 1, since the Opening song have 100% relation with the anime, the tune of the song fits into the anime, the meaning of the song. Since all the opening and ending songs are identical, maybe becuz they can only use this tune since is the ocean.

    Another part I liked about this anime is the good story. Although I’ve seen something similar but I’m never bored of this type of animes. Although I thought there were 14 episodes only but the company or studio must be smart enough to use the 5 years gap thingy to make the anime longer and not making the people who watch it feel like those episodes are Fillers.

  4. MC

    This was my favourite anime last season and it still is this season. I just like sea-related anime. I’m glad you like it too now. And my favourite couple is probably KanamexSayu .

  5. Akarin

    I actually hope that chisaki will not end up with tsumugu..but I don’t actually have the reason to it, I just hope she doesn’t. (me as a fan only, any ending I’ll accept it with open hearts and love! ..:D) To me, by chisaki ending up with hikari would be interesting. Anyways, this show is fun to watch. Even though I’m not really into love story anime, this one is very interesting.
    I love how all the character developed. The main character is loved by many. Hehe. Let’s watch it till the end, and hope for the best ending!

  6. Bloxh

    I just watched episodes 1-18 in a weekend and I really loved this show… I actually give it a 9/10. But now I’m not sure about what I should do.. I can either wait until all of it is out and finish everything or watch it once per week when the episode comes out… I’m really not sure about this cause I failed to do it with Golden Time, forgetting after episode 8. Also, I like to marathon through anime, I feel like I get into it a lot more. Any suggestions?

    1. Dao Post author

      Personally I love watching shows weekly. It gives you something to look forward to every week and the feeling you get at the end of every episode is amazing. It depends on your personal preferences though, I know a few people who hate waiting and watch shows after their completed. Another plus for me when watching a show weekly is that I get to discuss the show with others and it usually leads to amusing conversations. 🙂

  7. ThatOtherGuy

    dafaq you guys talking about, it’s gonna end up like this:
    Tsumugu x Hikari x Kaname
    Manaka x Chisaki x Miuna X Sayu

    Three-way Yaoi and Four-way Yuri bitches!!!

  8. Deyuaru

    I have this feeling this anime is a bit getting to the anime-side (means not making sense in a world with limits, since this is not action anime)

    I have this feeling that all the main characters of this show is going to get Ena, examples are Miuna and Tsumugu. Next is probably Sayu (20%, if Kaname don’t jump into water with a reason which makes Sayu jump down as well, she is not gonna get her Ena)

    But Manaka is not gonna get her Ena back until the plot reaches downfall. Which is the ending part of the whole story

    1. Deyuaru

      A little correction to my comment.

      Tsumugu and Miuna have parents which are citizens of Shioshishio. This is probably one of the reason why they have Ena suddenly. For Sayu, it will be a different case.

    2. Dao Post author

      I expected Tsumugu to get Ena after Miuna received it. I don’t think Sayu will get Ena unless she has a back story with one of her parents coming from Shioshishio.

      As for Manaka, I think the lost of her Ena signifies that she doesn’t belong in the “ocean” anymore.

  9. Sam1198777

    Looks like it ended in the “boring dead end route”. lol,is this shit now or what?
    I found it okay. though went from a 10 to a 9. couldve stayed a 10 with a better ending.

    1. Dao Post author

      I definitely wasn’t satisfied but of course I can’t just say the entire show is shit because of that. I’m mad, like really mad that the show ended that way but I guess it’s for the better. Definitely a good show no doubt about it, but personally in terms of enjoyment it wasn’t fully up there.


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