Life is Strange is a great game (Spoilers Ahead)

If you haven’t played Life is Strange, go play it first because this post will definitely include spoilers. This is my thoughts and experience on the finale and the overall game.


I purchased this game during Steam’s 2015 Summer Sale. At the time, only episodes 1 and 2 were out and the game was on sale (I believe Episode 1 on it’s own was only like $2 or something) and I decided to purchase and try episode 1. Episode 1 was insanely good and I pretty much instantly purchased the entire game and played episode 2 right after. I believe shortly after episode 3 came out and I remember the wait for episodes 4 and 5 was excruciating. This game definitely gets you super invested in the characters as well as the story. The game play itself isn’t as mechanical since it’s mainly just movement, chatting, and watching cut scenes but some of the interactions are really clever and interesting. Throughout the game there’s tons of goodies, easter eggs, and extras that if you actually experienced it all, the game can easily net you 15 hours of game play. If you’re the type to play through without caring about the extras, it would probably last you around 8-10 hours. Regardless if you care about the extras or not, the game is well worth the $17 price on steam. The Finale may have upset some people and caused a lot of bad ratings towards the end but I personally feel that the ending was amazingly done and I wouldn’t ask for any different ending. I just hope people don’t get discouraged to try or buy the game because people call the game shit or rate it terribly purely because of the ending.



There’s 2 final endings to the game and quite honestly I feel that there should be/is only 1. The reason for this is very simple, one of the endings make absolutely no fucking sense and to me, it’s just an ending that DONTNOD included to act as sort of a pillow for people who would obviously get upset at the other ending. It was super unpolished and definitely could’ve used some work if they wanted to even make it a viable solution.

The ending where Max chooses Chloe over Arcadia Bay is definitely the ending I didn’t like. As much as I don’t want Chloe to die, this ending makes no sense, is super irrational and is obviously just to fluff things up for people who potentially cannot handle the other ending, which I believe is what the writers truly wanted for the game’s ending. There’s so much things that don’t make sense with this ending and I just don’t fully support it.


The other ending is where Max sacrifices Chloe, goes back in time to the very first episode where everything started, and lets Chloe die. This results in Nathan and Mr Jefferson getting arrested and the tornado to go away/not happen. The reason why I think this is the true ending and the one that makes most sense is the symbolism that’s shown pretty much throughout the entire game. As if it wasn’t obvious enough, the butterfly represents The Butterfly Effect, which was pretty much the entire game. All the choices that Max made always changed something and the more shit changed, the more fucked up it got. My favorite part of the entire game is when Max goes through the string of horrendous nightmares at the very end. It perfectly represented The Butterfly Effect and every choice that was made throughout the game. For everything to reset, and play out from the beginning of the game as if Max didn’t even know she had the rewind power wasthe best ending I could’ve asked for. I’m fully content and satisfied with the ending and I truly believe this is the true end.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Chloe. She’s definitely a great character and I was definitely invested but the ending where Max chooses Chloe is more of an ending people wish to have. I don’t dislike it, as a matter of fact I feel a lot better about that ending but it’s just not satisfying especially since it’s really unpolished and leaves a lot of questions behind. Obviously all of this is my opinion and no one has to agree but this was such a great game and I just had to write about it. After finishing the finale I just had so much thoughts going through my head. The whole 4-5 months I played and waited for the episodes was great and I think DONTNOD did a great job with the game overall.

*All fanart above was drawn by: Kubshinov-Ilya (KR0NPR1NZ)

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  1. laurens

    The fan art looks better than the actual art 😛

    Good game ~ absolutely loved it, to bad it ended though 🙁

    Hoped to see what that spirit animal would be.


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