First Impression: Noragami

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In a world where spirits made of emotions and gods commonly float around, our main character is one of those “gods”.

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Our main character, Yato aka Yato the god, or Yatogami, is one of the many “gods” that live on the human world granting requests for as little as 5 yen a request. Currently, there isn’t much regarding what our main character can do as a god but there is small information about the spirits that he has to fight. These spirits cannot be seen by a regular human (or so it seems) and is created by the emotions and the feelings of humans. It is our main characters job to not only accept jobs/requests from others, but slay these spirits using his “powers” which currently, is a weapon he receives from his “Sacred Treasure”. A “Sacred Treasure” is a minor god or a slave/worker to the god itself, In terms of a Boss – Worker relationship, a “Sacred Treasure” can quit his/her service for the god anytime which is exactly what happens to our main character in the first 2 minutes of the episode. <- So he pretty much becomes useless right off the bat. [HorribleSubs] Noragami - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.54_[2014.01.05_16.21.08]

Having lost his “Sacred Treasure” our main character is pretty much useless in a sense where he cannot defeat spirits anymore until he finds another “Sacred Treasure” which seems to be our second main character, Hiyori. For the time being, he accepts jobs like finding lost dogs.

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Hiyori was a normal high school student until she was hit by a truck in efforts of trying to save our main character who once again, is a “god”. Something happens (I don’t know the exact details), and she becomes a half spirit half human (?), something sort of like Aki in Kyoukai no Kanata for those who watched that show last season. With that, her journey with our main character begins and as they get to know each other better and she declares him to help her get rid of her half spirit issue.

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Spirits come in different shapes, forms, sizes, and etc.

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Conclusion: Overall, I enjoyed watching the first episode. The concept is similar to Kyoukai no Kanata in a sense where the spirits are the shades and our main character’s job is to slay them. Slight differences though but there’s definitely plenty of potential for this show to grow into something good.

Verdict: This show gets a 3/5. It’s not perfect but it’s good to the point where it’s in the very least entertaining and doesn’t bore me. Whether or not my rating goes up or down will have to depend on how the show progresses. It’s safe to say I’ll probably watch this till the end.

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