Fansubbing drama + my thoughts on it.

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So recently there’s been some juicy drama regarding fansubs, fansubbing, and everything related. I figured this would be a perfect time for me to write about my take on the whole fansubbing drama. Whether or not you agree or disagree with me is your choice, these are my opinions and in no way am I saying I’m absolutely correct.

Before you read on, if you haven’t yet, be sure to read this “fansub review” and the comments of the post from Crymore here –

Keep in mind this isn’t the only drama regarding fansubbing that has ever occurred, it’s just the most recent as of the date I’m writing this post.

Fansub reviews are stupid and unneeded.

In my opinion, I feel like whether or not someone likes a certain group is based a lot on their personal preferences. Aside from the basics like grammar, timing and proper typesetting, there’s a lot of things in fansubbing that is preference. Fonts, honorifics, different terms, karaoke styles, and etc can all depend on the individuals preference. In the case of Dark_Sage saying that gg’s Tokyo Ravens release is a “troll release” is preference too, at least in MY opinion. I personally don’t feel like using “Hurrtora” is considered trolling, though of course other’s can view it that way. I don’t like the term “Hurrtora” and I believe it was stupid of DxS to use that for the release. But that doesn’t mean gg’s release is automatically troll and not watchable. In all honesty, compared to all the other groups working on the show I’d say “Hurrtora” was better than Anime-Koi/Funimation’s take on “bakatora”.

I asked Xythar what he would use in this case and he replied with “Harutard” which I completely agree with and feel is probably the best choice for this scenario but at the same time there are people who probably won’t like that term and feel that using “tard” can come out as trolling. Preference, it matters.

So Dao, how do you watch your cartoons? Which groups do you choose? How do you choose your groups?

Simple, I watch the raw cause I am much japan very man. loljk.

For me it’s REALLY simple on how I choose which group to watch for different shows. For starters, if the show isn’t a simulcast (Non-CrunchyRoll aka HorribleSubs/Funimation/Daisuki/etc) I usually look through the groups that are doing the show and if any of the groups are in my clear list, I pick one (Clear list is below). If the only group doing it is Commie then I don’t watch it and wait until another group does BDs. If the only group doing it is a small group that is either new or unknown, I’ll watch it and if there is nothing I have a major problem with then I’ll stick with them.

If the show is simulcasted I’ll always go with HorribleSubs UNLESS one of the groups in my clear list does the show. Very simple.

So what’s a clear list?

A clear list is pretty much a list of subgroups that I’ve watched before and know are at the very least good and trust-able. I mainly judge groups based on how watchable their releases are and how fast they release. Lets be honest here, I honestly don’t give 2 shits about small terms being used, if it’s watchable and released at a moderate speed (

List –


Yes, the order is somewhat significant, I’d say the middle groups are just a clump while the top/bottom 2/3 groups are taken into consideration when choosing.

By the way I have a “banned list” too, it consists of groups that no way in hell I’m ever watching.

List –

14 thoughts on “Fansubbing drama + my thoughts on it.

      1. PJ

        Are these cause of bad subs or other reasons?

        I’ve watched commie and I think they’re pretty decent, that’s just my opinion tho.

        1. Dao Post author

          A lot of my hate towards them are definitely biased to say the very least, I know a lot of people who like commie because they’re fast, decent typesetting for simul’d shows, and etc.

          The main reasons why I don’t like commie is because,

          1. I hate herkz.
          2. They tend to do some trolly things.
          3. They get undeserved blue’s on Nyaa.
          4. Their staff are a bunch of asses (with the exception of a few).
          5. 90% of their releases are just CR modified, so to me, I would rather just watch CR than them, I mean the only different IMO is just OP/ED TL’s and typesetting.
          6. fuck herkz.

    1. Deyuaru

      I think for me, I will never watch from Commie since i feel like vomitting.

      If you don’t know the stuff Commie give was quite shitty, when I watch it, I don’t feel like it anymore, not cuz of subs or anything but the quality is crap, the screen is blocked by error patches of green and light green thingys. Not sure how to explain but, here is a pic :

      U shud know why after seeing that link.
      although I still have same issue with UTW and Mazui.. especially gg and FFF

      I stopped watching Aku no Hana at episode 6 cuz i cant stand the same problem happened

  1. HenLover

    what about Coalgirls and Hatsuyuki, i think their releases are good especially Coalgirls.

    and just out of curiosity whats wrong with SubDESU?

    1. Dao Post author

      Coalgirls isn’t really a fansub group, they’re a BD group. They’re also not really THAT good, their releases are watchable and stuff but a lot of times people have problems with their encodes being really big. Also if you didn’t know, BD groups tend to just take other group’s scripts from the TV project and put it into their BD releases which is why if you go to Coalgirl’s site, each of their projects tell you which group they took the subs from.

      As for Hatsuyuki they’re a good subgroup, the only problem I have with them is their speed. They usually pick up a load of shows to do and are always really slow with the releases, they can be up to 2-3 weeks behind on projects.

      SubDESU is just down right horrible, if you watch a lot of their releases then compare it to good releases like UTW/FFF you can easily tell the effort they put into their releases are minimal.

      1. HenLover

        I usually judge a group by the quality of op/ed subs :p
        honestly i dont pay much attention to the subgroup, im used to the sound. but i wont lie some of the subs get on my nerves.

        thanks for replying and im a huge fan of your work, thank you vey much. and good luck with the college applications i know how it feels.

  2. Nasu

    I don’t know if this post is still alive, but what about Doki? I had some pretty fun times with them, but they became so slow that i can’t bear to wait for them anymore. I also heard they had an argument with nyaa, so they don’t get their work posted there. Can you share any details if you know anything?

    1. Dao Post author

      Yeah, you pretty much just explained everything lol. Doki had some conflict with Nyaa therefore their stuff hasn’t been on the site for a while. They’re also pretty slow, slow enough that it’s not worth to wait for them.

  3. A

    Assuming you watch Monogatari, do you stick with CR subs then? I only stick with Commie for it due to the typesetting, what with all the powerpoint slides and all.

    1. Dao Post author

      CR is delayed by a whole month, for Monogatari atm I watch HorribleSubs (I time the release), we self rip the script off Daisuki and re-time/re-typeset and do minor edits.

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