Fall 2014 Expectations


There’s honestly not a lot of shows I’m looking forward to this season. Besides a few that stand out the rest of the shows I’m looking forward to are just sequels.

To start off this is probably the show I’m most looking forward to and the reason for that is really simple, I read the manga and I loved it. Nanatsu no Taizai aka The Seven Deadly Sins is probably one out of the 7(?) mangas I’ve read and really liked.

Next up would probably be Magic Kaito. As a HUGE and by HUGE I really mean HUGE Detective Conan fan, the character Magic Kaito has always been one of my favorites and I always thought the 12 Magic Kaito specials were not enough to fulfill my desire to want more. I’m actually really excited for this because word on the street is that this series includes a lot of new material that was created just for this series ^^.

World Trigger is a show that I’m sorta looking looking forward to watch and the reason is only because it reminds me of Zvezda.

Everything else next season either looks really bad or just your average harem show with busty chicks out of proportion. Though I will probably give everything a try, I most likely won’t be watching more than half of the shows airing. I’ve been pretty picky with my shows lately (no longer watching shows that I’m only seldomly interested in… Sorry Glasslip but I just had I drop you 4 episodes in cause it was just too boring to endure for me. :/) so I won’t be surprised if that actually happens, time’s are changin’ for me I guess.

As for the sequels (yay sequel fest!) there’s actually plenty of sequels I’m looking forward to watch.

– Log Horizon
– Fate/stay night UBW Remake
– Psycho-Pass 2
– Yowamushi pedal 2!
– Chaika 2 (MAYBE. Idk if season 1 was torture or pleasure for me lel)

13 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Expectations

    1. Dao Post author

      Hurts for me to say this but I haven’t watched Mushishi yet 🙁
      I know I know, huge disappointment. I’ll definitely watch it one day though!


    If you haven’t heard of Kiseiju and aren’t looking forward to it then you are in for a surprise. It will be the best next season, that and terra formars.

  2. Quostin

    I was hoping the 3rd season of Working would be this season. Maybe it this winter. 😮

    There a few shows that I’m looking forward to.

    Log Horizon
    Ai Tenchi Muyo (Just to see the direction they go, even if it 5 minutes long and seems to have different characters)
    Nanatsu no taizai
    World Trigger (Maybe… I stopped the manga a few times…)
    Denkigai no Honya-san (Manga is cute… And its a comedy…)
    yowamushi pedal
    Trinity Seven

    Those above are my check out and hopefully like list. I will probably watch most of the first episodes of the others shows. Maybe there is a hidden gem in there..

  3. Dog_jello

    Good line up Dao, but no Teraformers love? boooo! (yes, i know they will probably censor the hell outta it)

    I am also super pysched for Nanatsu because i too have been reading it since day 1 (Hawk FTW!) 😀


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