Discontinuation of Seasonal Reviews and First Impressions

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Due to school and work related things in my life I probably won’t be writing seasonal reviews/first impressions anymore.

Writing reviews and first impressions was something I did as a hobby stemmed from my enjoyment in watching anime. Back in High School I had a lot of time and reviewing shows was a way for me to kill the immense amount of time I had. Currently it’s hard for me to find any enjoyment in reviewing new shows and it became more of a chore for me. I have a build up of stress from all the school work and general work I have in my life so this only adds on to the stress. I came to the conclusion that these reviews weren’t beneficial for me to write anymore. With that being said I’m sorry for anyone who cared (probably not a lot of people anyways) about my first impressions/reviews but I probably won’t be writing them anymore. I will still be blogging about random endeavors in my life and maybe reviews for certain shows that stand out to me but from now on there probably won’t be as much content as before.

For those who really want to hear my opinion on a certain show you’re free to tweet me, message me on IRC, or leave a comment anywhere on my blog (I check new comments daily believe it or not) and I can probably give you my few cents on it (assuming I’ve watched it). But yeah, seems like things change as time goes by 🙁

tldr; reviews and first impressions suddenly don’t feel enticing to write anymore and it feels more of a chore now. school work and work in general is taking up most of my time so I don’t have as much free time as before. needlessly to say I’ll still be writing random shit/rant on this blog but no more seasonal first impressions or reviews.

tldrtldr; anime is slowly dying in my heart.

ok, maybe not.

17 thoughts on “Discontinuation of Seasonal Reviews and First Impressions

  1. Trounced

    Your reviews and first impressions were entertaining to read, it’s saddening to hear you won’t be doing them anymore ;(

    1. Dao Post author

      Work is currently over-powering me and for some reason it’s just not as enjoyable to write about anime compared to before 🙁

  2. ResonanceVon

    Understandable.. However I really liked your reviews, I just wanted to clarify that I did care. Maybe sometime later in life when all is settled and less stressful I guess.. 🙂

  3. Srapture

    Sad to hear about the reviews. You were the first place I went to to see which shows were worth taking up each season, given that I am also swamped with work at uni, so I can’t watch them all.

  4. titi_odus

    I’m usually just a passerby, but just to show you that some people do care i decided to write a comment.

    i really appreciate your post and am a bit sad that it will be just once in a while. I understand that you are busy and i wish you all the best.

    I usually check your site to see what you have to say about a new show and it helps me decide to watch them.


  5. Drizet

    really sad you have to stop cuz of work… 🙁
    i used to read what u had to say about the season and usually watch what you pointed out as high quallity as i realized we have quite the same taste aswell.
    but i do understand that feeling as free time slowly starts to slip away..
    if you would be so kind to give a tl;dr for what shows youre watching and excpecting this season? would really appriciate 🙂

    1. Dao Post author

      I currently have only seen like 3 of the new shows, unfortunately with the little free time that I have I won’t be able to watch them all until 2 weeks later which is when all my midterms end. I’ll try my best to express the better shows I’ve seen on twitter if you even follow me.

  6. claudeckenni

    I understand. This is your life, and of course, you’re free to do anything with it. I was a big fan of anime and games back then too, but as I grow older, life started to take the most out of me and I started to watch less anime, play less game, and of course, sleep less. And now as I started my Master Degree, I feel that I don’t have any time for myself anymore. But yeah, I still managed to find a little time out of my hellish schedule to keep up with something that I love, at least once every week =)

    I will still keep reading your blog whenever I have time, and good luck with your life, my friend =)

  7. ittekimasu

    Eh thats a shame, I usually find myself enjoying the same shows as you and since I too don’t have much time used your impressions as a rough guide to seeing which ones I should watch.

    You mentioned asking you via twitter, perhaps impressions encased in one tweet per show you might watch could be a thing you could consider doing instead?

  8. Deyuaru

    Off Topic :

    Where did you get that wallpaper for your blog? The current one with Asuna on the left and TRAP Kirito on the right.


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