Danganronpa predictions.


With only “6” people alive, the show is pretty much coming to an end. Being that I predicted who was going to die first, I feel like I should just predict the entire ending of the show, so here goes! Keep in mind I’ve never played the game or read any spoiler/information related to this series. All of this is based on speculation and maybe a bit of favoritism… :3


For starters, I’ll be sticking with the girl that I choose from the beginning, Kyouko Kirigiri as my favorite girl of the series. Do I think she’ll win? Yes, I do but not because I favor her out of all the other girls but because there’s a few things that stand out for her that I feel will make her a strong candidate to survive until the finale. One being that during episode 1, her special “title” was a whole bunch of question marks. Even though it hasn’t been revealed, I’m thinking her special ability/power is either The Super Duper High School Detective or Mystery Freak, or something related/on those lines. She seems to be the one that offers a lot of the information in the classroom trials and also make really good points and in the latest episode, she said she probably did some sort of work that had to do with dead bodies being that she’s fine around them. It’s still kind of weird to me though that Naegi seems to be the really smart one out of everyone. He makes a lot of counter arguments and ultimately figures out the murder a majority of the time, I’m surprised his title isn’t related to a detective or something.


Moving on, I do strongly believe that the final 2 people surviving will be Kirigiri and Naegi. These 2 just seem to be the strongest candidates of longest survival. At the same time, I also believe that Togami will be one of the final survivors.

Now, here comes my “predictions”.

As for who killed Sakura I think Asahina is the one who did it. My reasoning is pretty stupid but I feel like it would work for a show like this. I feel that Sakura told Asahina to kill her in order to make herself less suspicious and thus winning and escaping. The crime scene was a locked room and it just seems impossible to me for someone to have done that against Sakura’s will. Either that or Asahina tricked Sakura into drinking the poison that was found earlier in the episode. Either way, I believe Asahina was who killed Sakura.
After that, Hagakure and Genocider will duke it out in someway or another, resulting in both of their deaths (Murder & Classroom Trials).
Which leaves the final 3, Togami, Kirigiri, and Naegi. The number of people alive at this point will conflict the classroom trials a lot. If someone commits a murder it would be hard for one to vote during the classroom trials due to there only being 2 people. The killer can vote for the other person resulting in a stalemate so I feel that when it gets to this point, Monokuma will probably hold a “special” classroom trial for the finale, ultimately resulting in Kirigiri and/or Naegi being the winner and the ones who leave safely. But who knows, I also feel that there could be a plot twist that just completely screws the original concept of there being 1 last survivor.


Aside from that, there’s been one thing that has been bugging the hell out of me. In episode 5, at the end, there was a scene where Monokuma seems to be talking with somebody. I feel that it indicatese a new character that will be introduced soon. It’ll also fills in the extra seat that was shown in the classroom trials in episode 2/3. Either that or I feel that when Monokuma killed Junko (Pink haired girl) he didn’t really kill her and that she’s still alive just waiting to be put back in the death match.

With only 5 episodes left, I can’t wait to see whether or not my predictions are even close to being right \o/.

16 thoughts on “Danganronpa predictions.

  1. Drizet

    my predictions are actually pretty close to yours aswell Dao, but what about those 2 photos of the guys that were supposed to be dead hanging out together? you didnt mention it in your prediction, in my opinion theyre not actually dead or something wierd like that and after “dying” they are moved to another place so it wont interfere with the “game”, with that being said i have no idea how the show is going to end if thats actually the case, and even less idea if theyre going to be 2 in the last trial.

    1. Dao Post author

      I feel like the pictures indicate that they knew each other before the entire trial. Either they forgot about each other or their memories were wiped by Monokuma.

      1. Drizet

        Oh and while im at it what about your reaction about the ending of oreimo? I’m really curious about what do you feel about it as a huge kirino fan
        last time I saw you said it will be a couple of days but it’s over a week already 🙁
        Really looking forward it ^^

        1. Dao Post author

          EveTaku hasn’t finished release the episodes yet 🙁
          There’s still one more episode so I’m just waiting on that.

          1. Drizet

            is there any special reason why your waiting on EveTaku release instead of the already out release? if so i might give it a shot aswell :3

          2. Dao Post author

            I love Ore Imo & I’d rather watch it will the full effect (Kara, better Type setting, a better script and etc).

            CrunchyRoll isn’t bad but I’d just like to watch it in the best quality possible :3.

    2. DarkChocobo

      Drizet, I did play the game, and while playing it i reached the same conclusion u did, i though like they were in a virtual world or trapped in some magic space dimension
      [Show][Hide]But no, they are actually dead, pictures are from the past

  2. Don Slipo

    Only problem I have with this anime is that, that it is VERY rushed in comparison to the game that it’s based one, in the cost of character development, funny important scenes and changing/skipping stuff. That and also censoring Leon’s execution… “Oh look! There is a red blood in it! Let’s censor the shit out of it!!!”
    (it is an awesome game btw, you should play it)

    In this case, there are still missing a lot of evidence (12 to be exact) They will probably show the rest at the start of the episode or during the trial itself.

    The person that Monokuma was talking to at the end of episode 5 was Sakura… I thought it was obvious by now, since he was talking to the “mole” at that time. Tho 16th still exists, and we will learn his/her name and Title next episode 😉 (at the very end I believe)

    I love reading the “who will be the last one left” predictions, since I know the outcome 😉

    1. Dao Post author

      Oh.. was it Sakura? LOL, I didn’t think of that. I personally thought it was someone behind the scenes because if it was anyone else the others would be suspicious of where they had gone while they were talking to Monokuma but I guess I was wrong.

      Now that you’re mentioning the 16th person, I’m starting to believe that Junko isn’t dead even more -3-.

      1. RazorTH

        I actually started playing the game when the 3rd episode came out, and finished it in a week or so, so knowing all the plot and watching a rushed anime kinda ruins it, because in the game even though it was linear on the investigation and trial, you still had that detective feeling and come out with a bunch of predictions, but in the anime you don’t have time for that, also wth did Alter Ego have those pictures, in the game it was Naegi of found them and Monokuma took them away after, so only he knew about the actual photos.

  3. John

    Some of the people’s guesses here are right. Yes I know what happens, and I regret knowing it 🙁 Never look for spoilers guys, it’ll really ruin the show.

  4. James

    It’s so odd to read predictions when I know the answers to every single question you have. Hope you enjoy the twists and turns in the coming episodes. The fifth trial will have you on the edge of your seat.

  5. Iyase

    Well.. for the one who hasn’t played the game i compliment your prediction. Like what Don Slipo said, this anime is very rushed. If they make the anime like Persona 4 which have 26 episodes, i think you can make a more accurate prediction because they need to leave many things unexplained because the episode was too short for an anime with “Mystery” genre. As for your prediction, the number of survivors is wrong though :3 (sorry for the spoiler and my bad english)

  6. MIchael

    From the perspective of someone “in the know” as it were It’s impressive that about a third of your predictions are dead accurate, and yet the rest are absolutely nowhere near the mark. Amusingly, that puts your average prediction accuracy significantly higher than that of the Super Duper High School Shaman/Fortune-teller.
    On of the things the anime suffers is a serious lack of character development, unsurprising for a game adaptation, but the game had “free” periods where you could hang out with the “surviving/available” students, which fleshed them out and their removal has eliminated all but three or so clues (so far), so expect the facts to be anviled instead of sublty introduced by the end.
    On a side note though, your wondering about Naegi seeming to be the “smart” one would be instantly understood if you played even just the first 30 or so seconds of the game, and will supposedly “pay off” anyways by the last ep anyway, but I won’t spoil that for you if you’re wisely not playing it til the anime completes (or not at all, since you WILL have completely spoiled yourself for the plot, though not the gameplay itself)


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