Charlotte’s Ending

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Charlotte was a show this season that I had high expectations for. For one, the same person who wrote Angel Beats! wrote it and two, everything about it just looked amazing. This post isn’t going to be a review about the show, but more of my opinion on the ending of the show. For the most part, a majority of people are disappointed at the ending and felt that it was rushed and unsatisfying. Personally, I feel like even though the show’s ending was no where near perfection, it got the job done and did what Angel Beats! could not achieve.

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Let me start by saying that the plot is no where near simple. A supernatural show about a bunch of different powers, diseases, and abilities is more than complex to execute without leaving holes and being inconsistent. It’s not that easy to think of a conclusion to a plot that is super complex and has a bunch of plot twists. Speaking purely about the ending alone, I personally think it was good. It’s not great, and it surely wasn’t a masterpiece, but it got the job done, effectively achieving what Angel Beats! could not achieve: a solid, conclusive ending. Without spoiling anything for anyone, Angel Beats!’s ending was a big train wreck. It was sudden, confusing, and left people seriously disappointed at the ending. Charlotte actually concluded the show without any questions asked. Sure, you can argue that there are certain things off with the ending because quite frankly it went from 100 to 0 really fast but it still got the job done.

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People who say the show was rushed or it definitely would’ve been better if it was 2-cour (just like Angel Beats!) don’t understand that a lot of things can come into play when creating an original. What if Maeda didn’t want the show to be a 2 cour? What if the material itself was no where close to being 2 cour-able? What if there was a budget to consider? Regardless of the real reason (if there is a reason), a show being “rushed” is not something you can say as a fact. It’s an opinion because different people judge the pacing differently. Personally I feel that yes, this shit was obviously rushed but I won’t hate or give shit to Maeda or Key for it. The guy even gave us a warning that the first six episodes would be slow and after that it would get exciting.

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I just felt like voicing my opinion considering I saw so many social media posts about how the ending was rushed garbage but when I watched it I felt differently. Obviously this is my opinion so if you’re an anime activist please don’t start a flame war trying to prove my opinion wrong, thanks.

Ps: I know my blog has been dead for a while but honestly with school + hs and irl work + games + kshows + anime and many other things I don’t have the time to actively write about cartoons unless of course I really want/have the desire to like in this case =3=.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Ending

  1. Death Angel

    I am glad too see that you are alive and well Dao. Miss your input on each seasons must watch anime. Was quite surprised to see a post after all this time. Must be in agreement with your post, the ending did what it was supposed to do, and that was give closure. On the other hand. it was a bit disappointing, but opinions do differ to how each person experiences the anime. Over all I did enjoy Charlotte as a whole, as it was really interesting and kept me wanting more. Hope this post is not your last and would ask if you could at least recommend some anime for each season. Would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Dao Post author

      People do ask me for “what’s hot” in the current season quite often via twitter. I’m pretty active on there and will usually reply to almost everyone who wants to chat it up.

      With that being said, some of my person favorite and recommended shows this season (sequels and etc excluded) definitely have to be:

      – Heavy Object (Episode 1 is slow but after that it gets really good)
      – One-Punch Man (Pretty much the hype of the season)
      – Sakurako-san
      – Subete ga F ni Naru (This show is really fucked up but really good)
      – Young Black Jack (Can be pretty fake at times but still a great show none the less)


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