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Charlotte’s Ending

[HorribleSubs] Charlotte - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.58_[2015.09.27_18.16.34]

Charlotte was a show this season that I had high expectations for. For one, the same person who wrote Angel Beats! wrote it and two, everything about it just looked amazing. This post isn’t going to be a review about the show, but more of my opinion on the ending of the show. For the most part, a majority of people are disappointed at the ending and felt that it was rushed and unsatisfying. Personally, I feel like even though the show’s ending was no where near perfection, it got the job done and did what Angel Beats! could not achieve. Continue reading

On Akame ga Kill

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With the end of Akame ga Kill’s and even before the anime ended, there’s a lot of controversy regarding the difference between the manga and the anime. The reason being the anime surpassed the manga. While the series didn’t 100% reflect the manga, it was VERY identical in terms of major events and how the story progressed.

Note: This post will probably contain every spoiler possible for the whole series so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Continue reading

Nagi no Asukara Rant: End predictions, best girl candidate, and why I love this show.

[Underwater-Vivid] Nagi no Asukara - 15 (720p) [B29B98F2].mkv_snapshot_01.04_[2014.02.03_01.36.27]

I recently caught up after being 3 weeks behind and I have to say, this show is fucking amazing. After the plot twist that occurred, the show’s recent episodes have been great. I have a lot to say about the show so this’ll be a semi-long rant. Before I begin I obviously will have to address some stuff. First off, there WILL be spoilers. I will be talking about the show from a stand point of the latest episode that I’ve watched as of February 3rd, 2014, which is Episode 17. I have only watched the anime and I’m not even sure if there is any other material for this show besides the manga (which is behind). Anything I predict or speculate is of course not 100% going to happen. It’s what I want to happen and what I speculate will happen, I’ve been right in the past about some stuff and way off about others (you can read about those in my past rants of shows like Danranronpa and VVV S1). Continue reading

Danganronpa predictions.


With only “6” people alive, the show is pretty much coming to an end. Being that I predicted who was going to die first, I feel like I should just predict the entire ending of the show, so here goes! Keep in mind I’ve never played the game or read any spoiler/information related to this series. All of this is based on speculation and maybe a bit of favoritism… :3 Continue reading