Hello! I am Dao, also known as “OtakuDao” from various places.
Weeaboo trash with an unhealthy tsundere fetish. Marketing student. Other hobbies include gaming, lifting weights and korean drama/variety shows. I USED to collect a bunch of figures and tend to post pictures of them on this blog!

Most people know me from AnimeTake, an anime download site that I USED to manage. Others know me from IRC, HorribleSubs, fansubbing, and other places I frequently visit.

This is my personal blog where I post my pointless rants and reviews which may or may not be funny or important to others. I also blog about my real life adventures ranging from posts about cons with pictures to stories about my endeavors in life. The purpose of this blog is for me to vent out things I have in mind and revisit them down the line!

If you have any questions feel free to use the Contact form.
Just email me: Dao@Subarashii.me

Edit: 5/30/2016 – Updated some stuff.

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  1. Skylord

    Well, I’ve been following anime blogs for a while now. I can’t seem to muster up the courage to start with the older sites and such, but I was wondering, if you would be willing at writing together about anime? I get that this is a personal blog, but I wondered if you’d want to try to expand it. It would still be under your guide what goes and comes, but first I’d like to give a tora-dora review – since from what I am seeing Evergreen and Golden Time by the same manga author are coming out. From there, I’ll see what else.

    I’d like to give it a go at recommending older anime to newer people that come to Animetake, but like me aren’t extremely forum active. Since a lot of the newer anime fans are younger than us, recommending older anime and such would help.

    I’m pretty stoked with university work, but I always have time to watch a good series. Also, since it’s an anime blog, it would be pretty cool to have more people jumble in.

    I never had the chance to be involved in the anime community since in my hometown so few people watch it – and in the UK even less. And now I just moved to Viena from the UK. I been watching anime since I was… 14-15? Got around to speakin Japanese – can’t read kanji though. Been to Japan twice now, going again in mid spring, so maybe finally I’ll catch some cherry blossoms. I read manga – and a lot of it, since I can do that in between other stuff and generally watch so much anime that compiling my list on http://myanimelist.net would take me a full day – to grade and everything.

    I could just make my own blog on this, but that would be short lived and sad since I doubt people will be interested in the posts of a random lurker rather than a two people with various tastes and more open to the anime world, where one has been on the anime scene for a bit….

    Ok, I’m stopping my plead now. I plan either way to start writing about the anime I watch and recommend stuff. But I’d like to get a chance to chat with you. If you use skype – silverblaze16 – that is my id. If you anything else #irc, or facebook chat or something else, drop me a line cause I’d really like to talk to someone.

    Take care.


  2. Dao Post author

    Hello Sky, just like you said this is my personal blog therefore the idea of me expanding it isn’t really ideal for me. I started this for a place for me to rant off about things and I’d like to keep it that way. I appreciate your interest and dedication though.

    What I recommend you do is surf around for popular anime blogs and ask if you need a blogger. A lot of anime blogs have dozens of writers and are always looking for more. For starters, a good friend of my who runs Haruhichan is always looking for writers. If you’re interested message him on IRC in #haruhichan. His nick is “Swaps4”, I’m sure he’ll be glad to take you in.

  3. Skylord

    Thanks a load Dao. Sorry for the late reply. Moved to a new place and took a while to get internet. Had a quick read of your first impressions. I see that you never really read the manga of shows, so you can judge a whole lot better from that perspective. I’ll get on the irc tonight for a late lurk.

      1. Dao Post author

        Go for it! Though I don’t think there’s anything on here worth cross posting :>, my reviews are pretty crappy, I mainly just rant about stuff here haha.

    1. Dao Post author

      Hey, I appreciate the invitation to the Anime Reviewer Tag that you came up with but unfortunately I won’t be doing it. I don’t see myself as an reviewer due to the fact that my blog mainly contains rants and other minuscule stuff rather than actual reviews. I feel that my experience with reviewing anime isn’t that good, I do think what you’re starting is interesting and fun so I wish you the best of luck with your tag!


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